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Akashic Readings

If you Specifically Want to Tap into Your Gifts and Talents from Past Lives

Do you want to….

  • Reclaim your past life gifts and treasures, so you can be strong and whole, as you are meant to be

  • Get a jumpstart clearing persistent patterns or issues

  • Learn what life work and soul work you are meant to pursue in this life

  • Activate all this within you, so you can feel it ?

  • (See more topics you can explore, below)


If so, a Past Life Reading may be very illuminating and strengthening for you. Because you’ve been formed by all of your lifetimes, a reading can powerfully assist you in your spiritual evolution. Simply learning about past life experiences often creates profound new levels of awareness. (Read more about Akashic Records, below.)   


But these Akashic Reclaiming Readings are different – they help you directly tap into your gifts. The audio mp3 is comprised of energy-words that activate change in you, be reconnecting vital energy flows between your body, mind, heart and soul. Thus this Reading can bring palpable change.

"Inspiring ...  Spot-on...  Palpable...  Invites me to expand..."

Unique Akashic Work that Activates your Gifts. Unlike typical Akashic Record Readings that simply view past lives so you understand yourself better, the Akashic Reclaiming Reading gives you direct access to strengths, gifts and talents you’ve had before. This Reading is an Energetic Activationyour strengths get awakened in you, and you can claim them.  With all their energy and power. It is designed to help you make yourself whole, activating the best in you and helping clear what is in the way, using your past life experiences. It’s an energetic jumpstart for you.

Choice of Focus:  (either/or)

  • Embrace new strengths. Retrieve your past life gifts and treasures, so you can step more into your full, masterful self. Explore three lifetimes that showcase different strengths. Learning about the great skills and talents you’ve held through lifetimes, will help you hold an expanded and more powerful view of your true self. Some of these will be potentials of which you are totally unaware. After the reading, you can continue to connect with the energies of those unique gifts and positive trends in your many lifetimes. This will expand your skills, confidence and courage to embrace your own potential in this lifetime. You will be provided with specific techniques to access and embody the best of your Akash.

  • Clear karma.  Exploring your Akashic Records brings new insights and expands you. Choose several karmic challenges to look into, and begin to release them. You'll start to see why you hold certain judgments, illusions, emotions, negative beliefs and pain… you can experience great self-acceptance around this. You may also start to clearly understand why certain illnesses, suffering, preferences or aversions, are recurring in your life. The activated mp3 reading often dissolves the "charge" from the old negative stories. Your new perspectives can motivate you to start clearing what needs to change, and fully embrace your strongest most integrated self. You will be provided with specific techniques to help clear karmic issues, after the reading.


What you get.  An Akashic Reading sets the stage for your life to become more balanced, strong, clear and competent. You’ll come away much more aligned with your soul and your true self…...doing what you were designed to do. Simply use your specific tools for continuing to claim or clear aspects of your life....and you'll be on your way!

“Once I was made aware of the source of my unhealthy feelings,

it was as if a huge weight was lifted from me right then and there.”  (M.B.)

What is an Akashic Record? It is the record of your soul; a catalog of all the experiences your soul has had through the millennia. These experiences map your soul’s journey. An Akashic Record is also your soul-level “blueprint”, or essence. It’s like your own personal website on a world wide web (the Akash). We are all connected to the Akashic Records energetically. It is our birthright to have access to the wisdom, energies and knowledge stored there.


Other topics you may explore:

  • A significant relationship ~ its challenges, strengths or hidden dynamics

  • Specific kinds of gift, skill or talent you want to explore

  • Promising career choices based on past talents and your soul essence

  • The source of a particular challenge or karma; why it feels so heavy – and the higher understanding to begin to resolve it

  • Your soul's themes from life to life

  • Your star/galactic connections, lifetimes and purpose

  • Reasons behind a difficult life transition

  • Other questions of your design

“Now I see how I can draw on the lifetimes where I was really happy, creative and successful…

instead of feeling stuck with a perceived heaviness in this lifetime.” (Laura, NY)

To Book a Stand-Alone Reading ~ Reclaim your Gifts , Clear your Karma 
  • To book a Reading, contact Sarah

  • Readings are offered by phone, unless you prefer just to receive an mp3 recorded privately and emailed to you. Your choice.

  • Fee:  $70 

  • Gift Certificates available - just Contact Sarah. 

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