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Archangel Empowerments 

Stepping into Being the “New Divine Human”

Note: Because the Archangels recalibrate you carefully, step by step, these Empowerments should be received in sequential order for a complete upgrade.

Angels and Archangels have been with humans for as long as history is recorded, offering healing, guidance, wisdom and protection.

Now as we enter the new golden age, the Archangels are offering you new qualities: a huge upgrade that helps you step into your "new human" role of being a responsible co-creator with the divine realm, while living in a body and the mundane world.

The Archangels will fortify and expand you, activating new capabilities in heart, mind and body. In particular, it will upgrade your mind so that it now functions as a powerful vehicle of conscious intention for the highest good.


Each Archangel Soul Empowerment redesigns and “re-wires” you in a specific way, progressively, so you can carry more Light, be your truest self and live with more spiritual mastery. You will permanently hold the presence of each Archangel, and at the end of the series you will be all new. There is no greater power than the God within you!


What does this mean for your life? You’ll be guided effortlessly from above as you walk your Earthly walk, so that you…

  • Are a direct, open conduit to the divine

  • Experience great inner balance and spiritual strength

  • Automatically make positive choices for the highest good

  • Function from a new “heart-mind”, your higher mind informed by your heart

  • Manifest in a responsible way, co-creating with the divine

  • Enjoy greater focus, confidence and clarity

  • Experience greater integrity with decisions and interactions

  • Able to summon Light for blessing, healing, manifestation and intervention

  • Maintain routine contact with other dimensions

  • Live in a profoundly heart-centered way


What to expect. Expect healing on many levels. Results vary; you will receive what you most need, guided by your highest self. Healing and expansion unfolds over several weeks. To sustain your new expanded self, we recommend you re-activate it daily until it is immediately accessible using your intention. Enjoy!


Archangel Metatron Empowerment

  • Makes you a conduit for divine energy

  • Strengthens you at all levels to hold higher frequencies

  • Activates Heart Chakra with Golden LightTop of Form

Archangel Raphael Empowerment

  • Opens you to your soul and intuitive higher wisdom (8th dimension)

  • Helps your heart to lead, and your mind to follow

  • Activates Soul Star & Well of Dreams Chakras, and Pineal Gland

Archangel Aruel Empowerment

  • Activates the divine spark or soul-self (god-self) in your new Sacred Heart

  • Ability to send out Heart Blessings of unconditional love

  • Anchors you in lasting divine connection

Archangel Raziel Empowerment

  • Activates your central channel, third eye and 12-strand DNA

  • Receive and radiate much more angelic energy

  • Begin to step into your ascension body

Archangel Zadkiel Empowerment

  • Activates your powers of manifestation/creation, for personal and planetary healing

  • Focus mind, heart and will together

  • Activates the third eye to new levelsTop of Form

Archangel Jophiel Empowerment

  • Grounds, integrates and anchors you into all the Archangel Energies

  • Connects your divine self into the light body of the earth

  • Completes you as a “Pillar of Light”

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