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Clearing for Freedom

Restoring your Soul Self 


“I Am Sovereign” Freedom from Life Experience Programming Procedure,  ©  Ayaahanie 2019



A Clearing for Freedom Session is swift, powerful and lasting. It is one of the most

effective clearing techniques on the planet at this time, because it erases the root

cause of most programming.

What you get. A Clearing Session can completely and fully clear nearly every unwanted

pattern that no longer serves you. Core patterns can keep you stuck and entangled; 

they rule your life. They are old recurring stories and traumas that you can't ever seem

to figure out. The patterns come from your ancestral lineage, past lives, soul contract

and/or the current lifetime: in this Clearing Session, we can access it all. We will remove

the root causes of these issues. This energetically re-sets your whole being with the 

amazing, fresh, new perspective of your true self... so you can function freely and with

great ease again.

This procedure swiftly releases issues that other therapies have not touched.

Imagine being this free! Able to be who you truly are.

                                        Dramatic Results. ....... Heart-Healing ........ Soul-Freeing

Come away…

  • With nearly all patterns and issues completely erased                                                                                    

  • Able to notice what used to trigger you...but not get pulled in

  • Feeling clear, centered, grounded and present with a “new normal”

  • Spacious and crystal clear in the mind; more intuitive

  • Healing from health issues that were based in emotions

  • Empowered, knowing“its all okay and now I am free”

  • Savoring all sensations much more deeply: flavors, loving kindness, beauties of nature

  • Experiencing much greater love, forgiveness and kindness for self

  • Feeling compassion for others because you understand that their patterns come simply from programming and can’t be helped

  • Being supported in creating your life from a whole new graceful place

  • Start tapping into your innate higher wisdom, power and grace

  • Noticing everything flowing better in your life, at all levels

  • All these changes are likely to stay with you so that life feels very different

Sarah’s story: After a lifetime of struggling with persistent issues that no one could figure out or clear up,
I tried the Freedom Procedure. It was like magic, seriously. Within an hour I felt crystal clear and whole and present,
in a way that I’d only felt fleetingly while in meditation or in special moments. I felt more JOY than I’ve ever felt….and it has stayed with me.
I felt more LOVING than ever…and it has stayed with me. I felt more capable of doing what I’m meant to do…and it has stayed with me.
 Concerned that like every other clearing session, I’d backslide into old patterns after a number of days,
I remained quite vigilant about what usually triggered me. But those things did not trigger me…they slid right off me. I was able to look them dispassionately, as though they were separate from me, and say “hunh, I used to react to that…”
And this too has stayed with me.
In sum, I’ve never felt so free!

Sound too good to be true? How does this work?

The founder of this ground-breaking new clearing method (Ayaahanie ©) has done a great deal of etheric research on how programming is held within the Lightbody. Her work uncovered previously unknown attributes of the Lightbody, showing how our patterns can strongly affect our DNA, RNA, Blueprint and Human Design…in short, our entire existence. 

With the “Freedom from Programming Procedure”, energies go straight to the source of the problem in your Lightbody….the root cause of why your programming tends to persist. They clear ancestral lineages and past lives, as well as this lifetime. They re-pattern and restore you at the cellular level, restoring your "original inner template". Results occur on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ayaahanie’s energetic technique clears almost all of what has held us back. In one fell swoop!

"Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you -

all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are."  ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

BOOK A SESSION ~ Free yourself!
  • Clearing work is offered by distance at a pre-arranged time, or by phone. Either method is powerful.

  • Fee: $70/session    (Suggest a different donation, if finances are in issue) .     Gift Certificates available.

  • Get the Discounted Package of a Reading, Clearing and Activation: 15% off, only $166.

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Are you ready to…

  • Clear nearly all of your limitations, patterns and blockages in your life…in one clean sweep? 

  • Clear traumas and dramas that continue to bother you?

  • Be RESTORED to your crystal clear Soul Self?

Clearing Session

Package Discount: Reading, Clearing, & Activation

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