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Crystal Ally for any Reading
Get Ongoing Energetic Support

Do you want to....

  • Get support to stay balanced, strong and true to yourself

  • Keep pace with the world's changes

  • Literally activate specific new spiritual qualities

  • Feel motivated to grow

  • Align more clearly with your "divine blueprint"; how you're designed to be

  • Receive a specific Crystal Ally  ~ a gemstone crafted into a bracelet or pendant for you

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Soul Crystals by Sarah

Your Crystal Ally will continue to energize your path, going forward. Crystals love to help us. They are designed to transmit, amplify and clear energies in specific ways that are hugely supportive to our healing and transformation. T Your special Crystal Ally will focus specifically on what’s ready to be cleared, claimed or developed in you.  With all this support, you’ll be able to function better in daily life ....and stay on track.

You will receive a custom-crafted bead bracelet (or necklace pendant) made of the "soul crystal" that most wants to support your evolution at this time. It will be like a totem or amulet for you....a Sacred Living Ally on your path.  You'll be given the best ways to access its power so that you can manifest your soul gifts as you are meant to.  

Having the crystal bracelet as an ally is amazing. It carries the message and guidance of the reading right on my arm.

It has sealed the message of the reading right into me…..unlike messages of other readings, that are more easily forgotten.

It’s such a constant reminder and support! (Susana, CO)

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