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"Divine You" Activation  
Merge your Higher Self with a Cosmic Being

We each have a Cosmic or Celestial Being who is waiting to walk with us and help us in profound ways. As humans we are increasingly stepping into our Divine selves; into new and previously unrealized aspects of each of us. Activate this for yourself now! 


Offered by Zoom or phone.

Are you ready to….

  • Merge with one of your primary guides

  • Step into being the Divine Human you were always meant to be

  • Experience a deeply personal, joyful awakening 

  • Allow a whole New Self to emerge within you: new personality, new lightness

  • Remember oneness with Source


About the "Divine You" Session. This is a magnificent transmission of energies and messages. It completely, directly and consciously entrains you with the specific Higher Being (Ascended, Angelic or Cosmic) who has long been walking by your side. This melding-together invites you to be fully Divine: in your Supreme Self, connected directly with Source. "Divine You" activates Light Codes in your body and DNA so that you can fuse into this Being. Thus you may hold greater capacities, more Light and especially a new lightness, joy, and steadiness of heart. It advances you into your Divine Heart. It puts you in your Very, Very Best Self.

Your experience will involve an energetic activation that is a quantum step in evolutionary advancement. It is designed to create a New Race: the Divine Human. Accordingly, it changes you profoundly as you embody that. Your up-shift should feel gentle, warm, enfolding, with full integration occurring over several weeks or months.


Come away from your "Divine You" Activation with…. 

  • The awakening of your very personal, specific divine design

  • A new settled, serene and radiant presence

  • Profound internal energetic support to stay in your Best Self ~ a new way of life

  • Specific practical messages from your Cosmic Being

  • Clarity about what gifts you bring to the world, together

  • Ways to stay entrained with your higher companion

There is definitely a shift within me. 

There is clarity and refinement of purpose!

(Bhakti, NY)

The “Divine You” Activation changes you forever. You may feel that you remember your Cosmic Companion; his/her particular brand of wisdom and love and power. S/he will represent a “custom fit” to support your particular needs, gifts and life purpose. S/he is another aspect of yourself as Source. S/he will be constantly blessing who you are and the path you are on. An outpouring of guidance, consciousness and empowerment will be available right inside you. Other welcome changes are that in this new and inspiring Divine form, you may relax and accept your humanness more – and allow yourself to spring into fresh creativity. 


You’ll be all new…and the New Earth will be lifted through you!


This is an intimate, gentle connection.

My archangel has helped me reclaim ME.

I continue to feel an inner joy and ease that is elevating and grounding at the same time.

(Susana, CO)

Book a Session ~ Step into the “Divine You”
  • Fee: $80   

  • Gift certificates available

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