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Earth Heart Soul Empowerments

Supreme Inner Balance and Heart Opening 

Note: Because the Earth Heart Empowerments adjust you carefully, step by step, they should be received in sequential order for a complete upgrade.

Experience profound spiritual alignment with Source and Earth ~ bringing you into oneness, and bringing you home to you. Open a new direct, personal, sacred relationship with all of nature.

                            Sarah J. Root

The Earth Heart Soul Empowerments invite change in your life on many levels, shifting you forward, expanding you in a very balanced way into your most powerful, connected self. 

•    Help you feel peaceful, clear, uplifted, grounded and centered – i.e. unstressed.
•    Align you with your highest self, with Spirit and with your soul path.
•    Open your heart progressively, and anchor it into both Earth and the Heavens, so you live a heart-centered life.
•    Ignite your personal power ~ move you toward your full potential.
•    Activate new chakras and your light body.
•    Connect you in new ways with nature and open a healing portal on the land.
•    Invite a new level of oneness and interconnection with all beings.

More about Earth Heart Empowerments in this Article

"Hugely helpful in staying grounded and balanced, supporting me in being clear" 

"They help me detach from reacting to people and situations, so I can offer love instead of reaction"

Waves of profound overwhelming heart energy".... "I feel like a conduit between heaven and earth, a walking beam of light"


What to expect. Expect healing on many levels. Results vary; you will receive what you most need, guided by your highest self. Healing and expansion unfolds over several weeks. To sustain your new expanded self, we recommend you re-activate it daily until it is immediately accessible using your intention. Enjoy!

Earth Heart Empowerment Testimonials


  • Each Soul Empowerment received individually is $60. Fee includes Reactivation Mp3 and Informational Manual.

  • Offered in persion or by distance. Either way is equally powerful.

  • Empowerments received in group sessions are $45 ~ see Current Empowerment Gatherings.

  • 15% DISCOUNT if you purchase the entire Series up front @ $255 (savings of $45)....for a FULL UPGRADE.


Crystal Heart Activation

  • Anchors your heart into the Heart of the Heavens and the Heart of the Earth, for profound spiritual alignment

  • Profoundly grounds and balances you in your life: feel whole, expansive and clear

  • Activates high heart, sacred heart, earthstar and soulstar chakras

  • Opens a portal in the land


Wellspring Empowerment

  • Creates a “taproot” into Earth’s core, a source of feminine creative joyful energy

  • May improve back, leg and foot issues

  • Floods you with a rich sense of your essential, unique self

  • Activates the root chakra, high heart, and the well of dreams chakra at back of head


Heart of Peace Empowerment

  • Feel suffused with peace, calmness and oneness through the heart and high heart chakras

  • Expanded sensation of being awake, aware, alive and “all is well”

  • Connects you to all of nature and nature spirits, for a more conscious partnership with Earth

Feminine Fire Empowerment

  • Helps you stand strongly in your personal power, confidence and creativity

  • Activates feminine power of the heart: loving passionately, truthfully and radiantl

  • Activates solar plexus, heart and high heart in new ways; gently opens kundalini energy.


Stargate Empowerment 

  • Opens a portal to much higher realms: completes you as a Pillar of Light fully merged into both Cosmic and Earth energies

  • Brings a broader awareness of existence and a wholeness as you rejoin your essential soul self, your star self, your fullest Light

  • Activates the stellar gateway chakra fully to move you toward the fifth dimension

Earth Heart Empowerment Testimonials

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