Testimonials ~ Earth Heart Empowerments

Energetically Restoring your Soul Self 



I am more grounded, more relaxed, despite any fracas around me. There is a greater, broader awareness. I continue to feel incredibly content, the kind I've never felt before in my life, all the way down to my toes: a whole center beam of contentment. (Helen, NY)


The Earth Heart Series has been hugely helpful for me in the past months, in staying grounded and balanced, and feeling safe. Refreshing the attunements daily, or in terms of urgency, brings me right back to a balanced me, offering me support in being clear. I bring them into me and within seconds issues are cleared. (Marguerite, NY)


My [arthritic] knee is 95% better the morning after the attunement!  A blessing for sure. Almost always [after re-attuning], my knee joint feels normal or at least better! So - thanks for this ongoing gift. (Mike, OR)


The Earth Heart Attunements help me detach from reacting to people and situations. They help me remain [in myself] so I can offer an intensity of love rather an intensity of reaction. And I can even see that people’s behavior is just their patterns. (Robin, NY)


The Earth Heart Attunements just PULL you into nature. I now feel compelled to go outdoors every day. (Deb, NY)


The Crystal Heart Activation helps people feel…

… extremely grounded and peaceful again, at a deep deep level; clarity; well-being. (F.G.)…. …it helps me transcend petty emotions in relationships (D.S.)…a profound deep connection to the land; more settled and in harmony with the earth (A.N.)…. warm, loving, peaceful (D.S.)…. energized yet serene (H.B.)…very expanded and illuminated (C.B.)…a much larger, stronger, softer heart; a new compassion; an expansion: What would it be like to live my day in that heart? (D.F.)

The Wellspring Empowerment helps people feel…

… very much connected to the Earth (K.F.)…very grounding, expansive and rejuvenating. (L.K.)….joyful; energized, like energy was dancing inside me. (C.F.) …spectacularly light-hearted, like being a child again, buoyant. (S.S.)…still, spacious and quiet (anon.)…an outpouring of love and light within me (D.C.)…I feel I’m bringing Earth energies into and through me in a sweet, steadfast, flowing way (M.B.)


The Heart of Peace Empowerment helps people feel…

….the heart energy flows through me spontaneously (KR) )… waves of profound overwhelming heart energy (K. F.) )…an abiding sense of Peace: “all is well”. (D.C.)…oneness in my heart whenever I’m in front of diverse opinions, choices, people (M.B)…one with Earth, enmeshed with the planet. Nature has a subtle, subtle, intimate quality now: like everything is sharing with me. (M.B.)…like being in a womb warm and safe, strongly connected by a cord from the crown up, and from the root down. There is an amazing connection and unity with other people and with the earth; a major catalyst for me in releasing the recurrent patterns that have kept me stuck in those old tapes from my life. (D.S.)

The Feminine Fire Empowerment helps people feel….

…alive and empowered and strong! This is a brand new stronger me, ready for the next thing in life, ready for this stronger woman to come ouy …empowered to move, in my life, from nurturing into passion. (D.S.)…super confident (A.J.)…both softness and strength (KF)…the energy of “feminine spiritual warrior”; this energy is: “I AM sharp, clear, heart fire wide open, lovingly in your face, in our genuineness, as a fearless spiritual warrior” (M.B.)

The Stargate Empowerment helps people feel…

…very aligned, tall, light, balanced and strongly connected to sky and earth…connected with my individual self with my soul’s "star" essence self….centered in MY light (A.J.)….other dimensions, and be in both places at once. (H.B.)…I feel my Pillar of Light there, immediately (DC)… a conduit between Heaven and Earth, like a walking beam of light, very supportive and very strong. (M.B.)

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