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Earthkeepers Gatherings

Help Awaken Yourself, Others and the Planet

  • Create profound Energy Blessings from the soul

  • Help create the New Earth by spreading new high frequencies

  • Stay open, anchored in the Divine, and radiating Light in daily life

  • Receive unique Energy Activations to help you evolve & upshift 


The core purpose of Earthkeepers is to stand strongly in your Pillar of Light, and direct specific higher energies through you, using your breath, intention and gesture. You are designed to spread Soul Blessings in this way. There are new, higher aspects of you coming forward to help.

* Gather with a small group of kindred spirits to explore ancient, essential, powerful ways of moving Divine Light with the soul, for the soul, for the Earth. Practiced by the Essenes before the time of Christ, and originating with the Ascended Masters, this work has been re-discovered and is continually revised and upgraded for everyone’s use in this time of the Great Shift on Earth


* Learn to transmit new Light Keys for this Age of Light. These are "Diamond Light" cosmic energies that are powerfully coded for peace, healing and human evolution. The profound Light Key practices are quick, easy and accessible: anyone can do them anytime, anywhere... simply using intention, breath and gestures. You can help create a ripple effect in the world!

* Journey into other dimensions, to partner in multidimensional Lightwork that is new on this planet. We work co-creatively and directly with the Lemurians, Venusians, Pleiadians and Nature Spirits - to move energies and follow their wisdom in building the New Earth energetically.


* Featuring unique Energy Activations that prepare you as a vehicle for these Light Blessings. You will be empowered to carry higher frequencies ~ profoundly activating your Lightbody, awakening your Soul within your body, activating your innate Christ Light, connecting you with Earth's frequencies, and linking you into Earth and Star Grids.


The Earthkeepers Gatherings deepen your permanent connection with your Soul Essence and with Source. Once your crystalline soul is anchored within your body, you can…

  • Carry more Divine Light and pure Source energy

  • Open your heart, soul and mind into a new harmonized Earth consciousness

  • Stay steady, centered and high-vibration no matter what is going on around you

  • Enhance relationships, offering love, healing and spiritual advancement

  • Commune with and profoundly support nature spirits, elementals, and land

  • Interconnect with many spirits, dimensions, holy realms and weave them into Earth

  • Join in energetically co-creating the New Earth with these many new frequencies

  • Radiate love and peace to others around you ~ become an oasis ~ assist with any situation

  • Create miracles of compassion for other people and other beings

  • Speed your own evolution ~ clarify your soul path ~ activate your new galactic human template

  • Immerse in occasional solo time in nature to connect deeply with Earth frequencies

  • Gain a helpful, hopeful role on the planet


Become a steward of the planet, a spiritual activist, and help build a New Earth!

The Earthkeeper work is so beautiful at shifting energy to a higher octave!  

Also it was amazing to connect with the Elementals on my land, and now I feel them calling to me...  (Bhakti, NY)

Open to anyone intrigued with this level of Lightwork for the planet. Join the small-group, monthly ongoing gatherings anytime.   

Expect an entirely experiential, joyful and absorbing gathering. You will learn myriad specific ways to bring energy from higher realms into daily life, to help yourself, other living things anywhere, subtle beings of nature, all humanity or the living planet. Come away with an amazing daily practice to further your own evolution, and with the know-how to send dozens of Light Blessings using unique Light Keys. With a higher consciousness about a new way of living as we help co-create a New Earth. Come away vibrant, awake, clear and renewed!

Earthkeeper work is drawn from Sarah's many years of experience with the ancient I AM Presence/Ascended Master work; Essene-based yet current HeavenWork with Rand Jameson Shields; and a lifetime of work with the Angelic Realms and subtle energies of Nature. 


This Lightwork is profound. It integrates with ALL my other modalities and practices, supporting them.

Counseling, qi gong, meditation, sleep – everything happens faster and brighter.  (Jay, NY)

 The Light Keys are a way of life! I use them every day at home and at work.

They don't drain me - I feel light and joyful with them! (E.H., NY)

JOIN A GATHERING ~ Help awaken the planet

Next Earthkeepers:  Monthly by Zoom or in-person. Contact Sarah. 

Fee: $28      

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