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Earthkeeper Soul Empowerments

Become a Steward of the Earth




Note: Because the Earthkeeper Empowerments adjust you carefully, step by step, they should be received in sequential order for a complete upgrade.

The Earthkeeper Empowerments help us step up as New Humans on the New Earth, in a helpful hopeful role for the planet itself. They empower us to support the Earth in very simple, essential and deep ways through our love and being a conduit for higher energies. You will be initiated as an Earthkeeper who can work directly, collaboratively, with the landscape spirits and elementals.

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Humans are meant to be interconnected – strongly and sensitively - with all of nature, with the Earth’s grid, and with her soul, known as Gaia. The grid holds the consciousness of humanity and the life force of the planet; and the Earthkeeper Empowerments help us support both.

In ancient times in indigenous earth-centered cultures, people tuned in every day to Gaia. It was their prayers and their intentional outpouring of loving intention, that helped hold the entire Earth in balance. This is one of humanity’s roles....and a very sacred service, particularly in current times. Our part in the cosmic plan is to be conduits for new Light coming onto the Earth. All we need to do is consciously offer our Light and Love.

The Earthkeeper Soul Empowerments gently, powerfully open you so you remember your birthright: your ability and responsibility to work with Earth's energies and spirits to bring vitality, harmony and balance to the planet. You will be able to....

  • Be a conduit of higher cosmic energies

  • Help you create portals that revitalize energy flows on the land

  • Awaken the spirits and subtle energies to human connection, anywhere

  • Support elementals in doing their work

  • Bless the landscape spirits, the earth grid and all life forms 

“Deeper connection with nature"... "I can feel different Earth energies with real ease and sensitivity"....
"Feels wonderful to offer love and blessings to support all life forms everywhere"...

"I understand the relationship of nature & mankind on a completely different level... "


What to expect. Expect healing on many levels. Results vary; you will receive what you most need, guided by your highest self. Healing and expansion unfolds over several weeks. To sustain your new expanded self, we recommend you re-activate it daily until it is immediately accessible using your intention. Enjoy!

Earthkeeper Empowerment Testimonials


  • Each Soul Empowerment received Individually is $60. Fee includes Reactivation Mp3 and Informational Manual.

  • Offered in persion or by distance. Either way is equally powerful.

  • Empowerments received in group Classes are $45 ~ see Current Empowerment Gatherings.

  • 15% DISCOUNT if you purchase the entire Series up front @ $153 (savings of $27)...for a FULL UPGRADE.


Earth Flow Empowerment

  • Empowers you to direct an embracing flow of love and life force toward nature

  • Helps you hold more Light and harmonizes you energetically with the planet

  • Activates your heart and 5th dimensional meridians connected to the cosmic grid (axiatonal meridians)Top of Form


Earth Portal Empowerment

  • Remember how to create portals to bring in higher frequencies and awaken the land

  • Increases your sensitivity to the energies of different sites

  • Learn to journey into the Earth’s consciousness grid

  • Steps you into the full sacred responsibility of helping bring vitality, balance and harmony to the entire planet and humanity’s consciousness.

Earth Grid Empowerment

  • Your energy system is recalibrated as a sky-to-earth conduit of Cosmic energies

  • Learn to listen from, and direct energies with, your heart

  • Collaborate with Landscape and Angelic Spirits to harmonize energy flows within the grid

Earthkeeper Empowerment Testimonials

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