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Earthkeepers Workshop Series

Become a Steward of the Earth 

  • Are you looking for a helpful, hopeful role on the planet?

  • Would you like to deepen your relationship with nature, connecting fully with your energy system, heart and soul?

  • Do you seek more powerful energy/shamanic tools to use with the Earth?

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The Earthkeeper Empowerments form the core of this workshop series. They align you deeply with the planet, awakening ancient intuitive ways of engaging directly with nature on subtle levels. This is part of awakening to your higher soul self, as a New Human on the New Earth.

Your energy system will be refined to carry higher frequencies. Thus you remember how to work energetically, collaboratively, with landscape spirits and energy flows of the earth - for overall vitality, balance and harmony. Your Earthkeeper Work comes not from the mind, but directly from the soul.

Benefits of this 3-part workshop series …

* Initiate deep, personal, direct relationship with nature ~ a conversation
* Heighten your intuitive awareness of subtle energies, in everyday life
* Give you tools to radiate high-frequency Light from your heart and soul so you may...
        - flood the planet with higher frequency Light 
        - co-create with garden spirits
        - awaken the spirits and energies of your land
        - do deep harmonizing gridwork
        - activate sacred portals with new earth energies
* Help you create a sacred, reciprocal relationship with nature

More about Earthkeepers Workshop

Who: Recommended for nature lovers, gardeners, herbalists, shamanic practitioners, earth grid workers, and anyone interested in bringing higher energies to towns or specific land.
Dates: Sorry, no classes are scheduled at this time.       Typically three sessions, each 1-5pm.  
Fee:  $40/workshop 

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