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More About Earthkeepers Workshops

Become a Steward of the Earth

In ancient times, people lived as an integral part of nature. They were stewards of the land, taking responsibility for its ecological and spiritual health because they depended upon it. They were attuned to all of nature and acted as its guardian in the deepest ways.

Because of this “right relationship” with the Earth, people possessed a profound sense of belonging and reciprocity with the Earth. This innate soul connection can be rekindled with the Earthkeeper work.  


In modern times, humanity is charged with helping the planet heal and rebirth itself: we are a key part of this cosmic plan to raise consciousness. Humankind serves as the circulatory system for new cosmic Light coming onto the Earth, through consciously offering our Love. The unique Earthkeeper Empowerments recalibrate you to assist in this way ~ deeply, delicately and with ease.


Your new relationship with the Earth will open your heart, soul and mind into a new Earth consciousness, calling forth your love and reverence for the planet....with a sense of oneness. As you feel the impulse to offer your energies in intuitive ways, you receive in return a flood of belonging, vital chi, and spiritual insights for your own healing. This is the reciprocal relationship.


In the Earthkeeper Workshops, expect…. group and individual time out in nature, experiential work with specific practices, energy activations, group meditations and joyful ceremony. Each workshop builds on the previous one, expanding your abilities progressively.

The Elders Say:

Align your Hearts with all of Life.

Heartfelt connection may be the most essential ingredient

for healing and awakening the planet.

Earthkeeper Empowerment Testimonials

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