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Short Energy-Audios to Align You    

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We can re-align and up-shift so quickly these days, because energies are moving much faster in us.

Balance is vital to master right now. Spiritual Expansion has never been easier. Rise to your Best Self using these profound, pure transmissions and meditations:  lasting tools for your evolution.

Use these Energy-Audios to:

  • Stay balanced and centered, so you can spread peace and steadiness

  • Evolve your consciousness and your spiritual mastery

  • Anchor into specific higher frequencies: Cosmic, New Earth, or Multidimensional

  • Reactivate for yourself, after listening/feeling these a number of times!

NOTE:  Best done when you are quiet and receptive, not driving.

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Tools to Align with your Balanced Self 

"Be Your Own Light" Guided Meditation   $11

Short, profound guided meditation into the Light in your own heart and soul. Drop in and rest here, in your radiance, and feel yourself dissolve and be free. Learn to access this Light in your heart by yourself.

Serenity Cocoon   $11

Come back to your own inner peace almost instantly. Fill with White Light for a soft, quiet, grounded and protected sensation. Returns you to the True Serene You.

Still Mind   $11

Relaxes and releases the mind from all its worries, cares, plans, tangles and concerns. Detaches you from surroundings. Dissolves and expands your mind into the infinite. (Photo credit: Deborah O'Connor)

Inner Harmony    $11

Brings you profound inner peace, balance, equanimity and ease. Deeply calming and soothing, like coming home to your whole, harmonious Self. Re-sets your energy system if you feel "off".

Alignment with Source and Earth   $11

Puts you into direct alignment with both Source and Earth, open as a conduit between them. Steps you into your Pillar of Light for complete conjunction with above and below. Expands your heart and soul into this space, your Presence.

Before Sleep   $11

Eases you into higher realms, held in gentle, comforting, soft Heaven Light energies so that your whole self can rest there all night. Invites Spirit to renew and restore and protect you during the night: reduces bad dreams and insomnia, and invites deep peace while you slumber. Be in your Divine Self all night.

Tools to Evolve and Expand your Consciousness 

Perfection   $11

Invokes Presence, Perfection and Love to you or a situation. Helps you see the highest in others and circumstances, and offer high frequencies for them. Releases all tension around seeming imperfections, inside you or outside you.

Grace   $11

Activates a great serenity of centerdness in self, so you can just witness what goes on around you with compassion, gentleness and no expectation. Invokes purity of action, speech and intention. You can bring soothing to others.

New Earth    $11

Merges you with the New Earth paradigm, with all its new potentials, energies and awakeness on all levels. Melds your heart center with the heart of Earth, where new consciousness is held. Fills your "wings" with the strength to stay connected, with love and brightness, to this new realm.

Christ Light    $11

Activates a shower of gentle, soft, pure, loving Christ Light into you... so you align fully with your Divine (Christed, True) Self and the Masters. Embraces you sweetly with pure Joy and Love. Softening and feminine, yet strengthening. Can be used with others and situations too. Includes a Blue aspect that may provide healing energies.

Spacious Oneness    $11

Opens you wide into all dimensions, dissolving mind, accessing much more Light. Helps you feel your Divine Column more strongly than mind or body. Invites you to become completely Spacious in Oneness with All.

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