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Heart Mind Peace Activation

Centering You in Inner Peace

This deeply centering Activation is offered by mp3 for repeat listening and re-activation.

A powerful blend of Intuitive Reading and Energy Expansion, this recording helps deeply peaceful energies start to flow. Your whole system will remember exactly how to heal and upshift, and recall its intended path, because it’s always moving toward wellness and wholeness.


Customized for you, the Heart Mind Peace Activation…

  • Clears whatever is keeping you from your natural, quiet, clear inner state

  • Aligns you with your unique core essence 

  • Connects you with universal energy

  • Gives you several easy-to-use ways to return to center


Performed remotely and sent to you by mp3.


A transformative tool to restore yourself. In these chaotic times, it’s not always easy to meditate, or go quiet inside, or find time to settle our internal energies. This keeps us from connecting to higher energies, and to our true selves. More and more clutter and disarray occurs in our Hearts and Minds. We get contracted and tight. We truly need regular inner quiet these days, in order to stay healthy. We need that expansion and relaxation in all our cells and energy flows, in order to restore ourselves. The Heart Mind Peace Activation recording is the perfect tool: just replay it and come back into stillness where you are quiet, easy and clear on all levels. Where your Mind can follow your Heart. Where you are the True You.  (You will also be shown how to re-activate this state of peace even without the recording.)


Re-energizing your Core Self. You have a unique Core or Higher Self that resides within; who you are in your essence. This Core Self will be activated to help heal and clear any resistances within you....and to empower and nurture who you truly are. Come away with a message about your unique Self, and a special mantra given by this higher aspect of you, for re-centering in your Natural Great Self.


Come away feeling….

  • Able to quickly come back to center, where you are at your best 

  • Realigned in all your chakras and subtle bodies 

  • Steady, balanced, whole, and empowered by connection to Source 

  • Heart and Mind working together in synchrony

  • Nurtured and uplifted in your soul, with specific fresh guidance

  • Able to move forward strongly again

 Book a Session ~ Get deeply re-centered
  • Contact Sarah to set up a session, which is performed remotely and sent to you as an audio mp3.

  • Fee: $55  ~ or suggest a donation amount, if finances are a concern.

  • Gift certificates available.

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