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Dear Visitor...

My work is in transition. I continue to offer services as streamlined below…although I am taking time to reformat the website. Please contact me if you want to work with me! I will be joyful to connect!

~ Sarah



My Golden Invitation to You: 


If you long to feel Whole and Clear and Free within your Self...


I can bring you a Radiance, a purity, to help align you. When we meet, or you hear one of my audio’s, the pure high frequencies of the Great Sun...and the joyful ease of the New Earth that's emerging... will touch you. They are exceptional frequencies.


This Aligns you with your True Self, warmly, in your heart…and reconnects all your energy flows as they were always meant to be. So the New can emerge in you. 


Pure Love locks it in.  Into the clear, pure center of You.

This is Master Energy-Consciousness Work.
It's unique. It's deep. Clients say it creates "amazing shifts".


Soul Readings ~ Inspiration from the true you

"Your Rising Light" ~ Energy-audios accessing new consciousness

Sacred Wisdom CircleRekindle the innate, magnificent feminine You
Clear Light Conversations ~ Illumination and resolution on any topic

Please contact me if you want to work with me!

* * * * *

What People are Saying...

"You hold a high clarity of insight, that always helps me affirm my path.

You create a vortex of Pure Light that carries insight and wisdom."  (Jay, NY)

"Your work helps me move past struggling with things, and simply upshift." (Marguerite, NY)

"You are a beautiful bright light in the world and I'm blessed to work with you." (Julie, NY)

"You activated the next [spiritual] level in me, with your voice and your words. You gave me permission to fully believe in myself and surrender to this process. You are gifted!"  (Tenney, NY)

"A person can wait a lifetime or two to have a teacher come along and offer this level of awakening. Thank you, beyond thank you!"  (Bhakti Maa, NY)


"You're a master communicator and channel."  (Marguerite, NY)


"It's a soothing balm to work with you...

With the resonance of your voice, my heart and soul quiet down and listen." (Susana, CO)

Sarah Root 2019.jpg

    Sarah Root is a Radiance Activator who aligns you with your Truest Self.

Uniquely transformational, her work uses a highly intuitive, energy-infused approach. She transmits activations with her spoken words and heart radiance.  


Sarah's passion is lighting up your Emerging Self and helping you "keep the lights on" in daily life. To this end, all her work

profoundly upgrades your energy systems  and DNA codes, in alignment with

your soul path and your wholeness.

Known for her warm down-to-earth presence, and her clear, incisive guidance through Spirit, Sarah works directly from Source and carries the energies of the New Earth. She is certified in multiple Intuitive, Spiritual Coaching and Energy Ascension modalities. 

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"With the resonance of your voice, everything quiets down, and my heart and soul can start listening. It feels like a soothing balm to work with you." (Susana, Colorado)

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