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Keys to Consciousness Series

Activations to Awaken your Spiritual Mastery

Are you ready to take a profound step into Unity Consciousness?


These Fourteen Activations... 

  • Are profound Keys to Consciousness, given at this time by Metatron

  • Step you incrementally into Oneness, awakening you

  • Activate specific advanced spiritual states of being, new qualities, within you

  • Help you meet the world in graceful, powerful, loving ways… unified with all life

  • Recode your cells, DNA, all energy bodies to hold these higher frequencies

  • Embody what the planet greatly needs right now... support a New Earth

  • Spread these attributes to others

  • This will be your new, upshifted, "divine human" Self


A person can wait a lifetime or two to have a teacher come along and offer this level of awakening.

Thank you, beyond thank you! (Bhakti, NY)

Upshifting you and the planet. The Keys to Consciousness Activations unlock a set of original templates of how humans were designed to function. Channeled through Archangel Metatron, they are also called the "Templar Activations" by him because they protect and further sacred teachings, as the Templar Knights did. These Activations are for our advancement in this time of unprecedented planetary evolution. By awakening these blueprints now, you can be initiated into spiritual attributes or ascension frequencies (see list below) that represent profoundly helpful new ways of being on the Earth. You can carry higher spiritual integrity, more consciously, as a Master. As Metatron says, “The Templar Activations bring sacred, protective and far-reaching new contributions directly into the human makeup.”


In daily life you’ll notice a deep shift of perspective toward the world -  how you present yourself, how you interact, what awareness you carry. The Keys to Consciousness are deceptively simple at first, but as you embody them you automatically behave differently in all situations, “taking the high road” and helping others, with a new inner nobility.  You don't have to work hard to be in your best self with these qualities just get the Activations, and they're anchored within you. You’ll receive exactly what you need from them; they customize for you.

These activations are profoundly shifting the way I walk in the world. (Melissa, FL)

They are building a new solid foundation within me, along with renewal and self-trust, that I’ve really needed. There is a feeling of solidness in me. Building spiritual strength. It’s a deep remembering and an anchoring of who we are, at the same time. We came here for this. (Susana, CO)


You’ll also be helping build a New Earth. We were created to be harmonious, loving, powerful, collaborative guardians of this sacred planet. The Keys to Consciousness support this role, helping us embody an array of energies that naturally support all humanity to evolve. You will be up-shifted personally AND you will become one of the ones who “seeds” the New Earth by spreading these qualities to others everywhere you go. 


What the Keys to Consciousness Activations are like. They are gentle and warm, yet penetrate deeply. Though deceptively simple to receive, they are higher-dimensional. As you work consciously with them for a number of days, they expand within you in a customized way, downloading further specific energies and insights. Each Activation carries great focused energy from Source, spurring your personal evolution.


Each group session includes an energy transmission followed by writing, reflection, and verbal sharing to help you assimilate the activation. You’ll learn exactly how to reactivate it so that you “own” it and can transmit/radiate it. To fully integrate it after our session, you may wish to work consciously with each Activation energy for 3-5 days, using re-activation, writing, meditation, and an mp3 recording.

What you get. 

  • Steps you into specific new spiritual strengths and masteries 

  • Shifts how you walk through the world, carrying new perspectives and capabilities into all situations

  • Gently clears patterns and blockages

  • Illuminates your unique spiritual path, gifts and mission

  • Be profoundly, gently uplifted and expanded to a new octave of consciousness

  • “Full Spiritual Mastery as the New Human”, with all 14 Keys, says Metatron

  • Ability to re-activate each frequency so that it is absorbed permanently into you 

  • Ongoing energy downloads and deeper insights after the session

  • Ability to radiate the "Templar" energies/qualities, seeding the planet with new spiritual awareness and ways of being

  • Entrainment with higher beings: Archangels, Masters, Cosmic Beings

  • All your cells, DNA, energy bodies upshifted into their original divine design


Metatron says: “These re-wire you, bypassing the tangles,

 creating a direct line into you from your original templates.”

Specific Benefits of Each Key to Consciousness.

  1. Inner Harmony - Prepares your energy field to receive the Templars. Helps you hold profound peace, equanimity and inner quiet.

  2. Grace - Able to be a witness, allowing, with no ego. Spread helpful, re-orienting energies to people and situations through right action, speech and intention. 

  3. True Self Shining – Presence: centered strongly in one’s deep sacred Self. Fill with strength and conviction to live from your sovereignty. Powerful, free.

  4. Empowered Prayer – Radiance of heart and body; freedom of spirit. Reverence. Deeply empowers one’s pure heart intentions. Birth, creation, vibrancy.

  5. Temple Within – Creates a joyful, sacred, regenerative space of higher frequency within you. Your gifts and Light long to be expressed and shared with others.

  6. Presence – Higher I AM consciousness throughout you. Even greater authenticity & ability to “just be”. Sense of inner power and Oneness, without ego.

  7. Anchor of Light – Alignment with Source and Earth, bridging them. Ability to be peace, be Light, & radiate…effortlessly, strongly, holding more Source Light

  8. All the Realms  - Profound intermerging with all dimensions, all kingdoms, all beings, right in the body. Bliss, unity, yet very grounded and centered in it.

  9. Elven Blessing – Welcomes your Full Presence & merging with nature. Lightness, wide open heart, great Joy. See the life force & beauty in everything.

  10. Elohim Gold Ray – Stabilizes and aligns your energy field with Source, so you feel universal. Brings in unity (Christ) consciousness. Deep ease from being merged with, supported by, cosmic creator beings. 

  11. Holiness of Love - Heart expansion in a myriad of ways heretofore unknown to humanity. Hold Divine frequencies of Love, merged with the Heart of All.

  12. Star Blessing – Dissolve into the vastness of galaxies and universes, deep in central channel and the still mind of Oneness Consciousness. The New Human.

  13. Synchrony – Deep, deep integration of all the Templar Transmissions. Great coherence and bliss within, in a strong, whole, encompassing way. Divine Self.

  14. Amplification of Light - You’ve been anointed with the full mighty sacredness of the Templars. You are able to beam Light to others, radiantly, in your own unique way. Feel whole, clear, All New. Go forth and BE all the Templar states of being. 


NOTE:  The Keys are offered as a set of 14 in order to access a full spiritual upgrade from your original templates. 

This program is so pure and a gift to the world. (Marguerite, NY)

Book the Set of Activations ~ Awaken your Spiritual Mastery

Live series. By Zoom on Saturdays from 10:30-11:30am EST, DATES OF NEXT SERIES TO BE ANNOUNCED. We proceed each week through the set of 14 activations. The online community provides a container for much support, insight, motivation and shared resources for the journey through the Keys to Consciousness.


If you would rather proceed at your own pace remotely, without the community support and guidance, please contact Sarah .


Fee:  $270 for the set of 14. Discount of $15 for paying full price up front. Monthly payment plans available. Please contact Sarah to set up your Payment Arrangements.

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