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Activations  ~ Transmissions that Upshift

Designed to be catalytic in a lasting way, these Energy Activations are upshifting and supportive to your whole, balanced, strong self. They are a unique blend of energy-words, intuitive messages, and awakening....all rolled into one. They reconnect vital energy flows within you, bringing healing and clearing as well as expansions into your Natural Great Self.

"These Activations create amazing shifts."  (Several clients)

"Your Rising Light" Transmissions ~  Want a weekly consciousness up-shift?


Weekly energy-audios bring you new planetary frequencies that support your evolution. Short, powerful and lasting, these recordings give you Light-Practices so you can repeat and embody the new states of being. Tap into this potent time on the planet for yourself! Read more.

Keys to Consciousness Series ~  Activate your spiritual mastery for Ascended Living

This set of 14 Activations, channeled through Archangel Metatron, awakens advanced spiritual qualities in your original template. These energies instill you with Unity Consciousness and key spiritual attributes that represent profoundly helpful new ways of being on the Earth. Permanently elevate how you meet the world, and help spread new energies wherever you go. Read more.

Core-Star Activations ~  Looking for your inner power, center and solid, sunny, core soul self?   Read more.

Starseed Activations ~  Looking for your home in the cosmos? Connect to it and your mission on Earth. Read more.

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