Activations  ~ Restorative Transmissions 

Designed to be catalytic in a lasting way, these Activations are upshifting and supportive to your whole, balanced, strong self. They are a unique blend of energy-words, intuitive messages, and energy work....all rolled into one.

Performed remotely and provided to you via an MP3 audio recording, you may listen to and experience the Activation whenever you like. This energetic work by distance is very powerful. (ReBalance Tools is by phone.)

Strengths and Gifts Activation  ~  Tap into your true strengths, so you can meet the world from your best self


Clears what trips you up the most, and activates your hidden gifts and strengths. Offers messages about exactly where you’re meant to put your focus right now. This transmission that taps into your Soul Contract and your Akashic Records. Read more.


Whole Self Activation   ~    If you already feel quite balanced and strong, perhaps it’s time for a quantum energetic expansion to the next “octave”.


Helps you step into the great centeredness of your unique, Supreme Self…and be able to return to that state anytime. This transmission is an energetic expansion and upshift for your entire energy field, so that you feel clear, present, open, radiant and fully home within yourself. Also provides information that helps you settle into your unique destiny. Read more.

Templar Activation Series ~  Awaken advanced spiritual qualities within you. Channeled through Archangel Metatron.

These energies unlock a set of original templates of how humans were designed to function. By awakening these blueprints now,  at this unprecedented time in of planetary evolution, you can be initiated into spiritual attributes that represent profoundly helpful new ways of being on the Earth. Profoundly upshift how you meet the world, and also help spread new energies wherever you go. Read more.


Heart Mind Peace Activation  ~  Deeply centering, bringing you into alignment with your core essence; bringing you into deep peace.


Helps you clear away whatever is keeping you from resonating with universal energies and your own inner stillness. It moves through all your chakras and subtle bodies, re-aligning you with your unique self at your very core, so that Heart, Mind and Body are quiet, easy and full. You may reactivate this for yourself anytime. Read more.

Three Re-Balancing Tools ~  To help you stay steady and clear, responding appropriately to challenges around you.

Three remarkable Steadying Techniques transmitted and activated in you by phone. These are profound transmissions of advanced energies that you can re-activate for yourself anytime during your day, very swiftly. "They offer very concise moments of shifting." (Elaine, FL)  Read more.