The New Earth

I have a vision. It’s from a vivid memory. It is of a planet where everyone is peace-loving, gentle and harmonious with others and with the environment. Where there is great natural beauty and abundance. A paradise! And others, from other places in the galaxies, visit to rejuvenate and rest because Earth is a Temple. Right now, we can choose to begin creating that. It’s the New Earth.


In this scenario, people live from their spiritual mastery. We feel heart connection to all beings and transform things through love. We know how to create by focusing our visions, energies and thoughts. We are awake. We know we are here to be guardians and caretakers for the Sacred Planet Earth, and active participants in creating a new kind of humanity. We recognize that we constitute a huge force of change.


I am here to support you in upshifting and starting afresh in these ways: i.e., to step into “the New Human”, energetically, with expanded consciousness. 


I am an activator of new Light Codes that profoundly empower humanity and the planet. These Light Codes come through all of my work, from Source, through Archangels Metatron and Claire, and the Galactic Councils.


“Sarah, your work carries a powerful, loving energy that goes right to the heart of things. It brings tears to my eyes.

This is what we all need…. this level of energy, hope, love and support….and knowing that is all going to be okay.

That the New Earth is coming.”  (Susana, CO)





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