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Paradise Earth
Holding a High Frequency for Earth through Devotion to Nature


Do you long for a way to stay hopeful and supportive for the Earth, in the midst of seeming planetary chaos?      


“Paradise Earth” Messages and Gatherings offer a way to do that. 


We foster a network of people with…

  • A practice of sensing/feeling Nature’s beauty and perfection 

  • A whole new kind of merged, intimate companionship with Nature

  • A way to hold a high vision for Earth, together

  • A new ‘go-to’ frequency for you


Why this is vital: A galactic perspective. Holding a high frequency for the Earth is vital right now. The Divine Creators have shared that Savoring Beauty is what will shift humanity into the New Earth. It will open our hearts, bodies and minds to new levels of sensing/feeling/being with all life around us. We begin with Nature….learning to actually merge with Nature…and choosing Beauty over Fear. 

The Galactic Ones created Earth to be a place of beauty, peace and harmony in which any interstellar race could take a restorative retreat. It was meant to be a stabilizing influence in the universe. With this program, we will be helping create that reality - the New Earth - Earth as Paradise.

Paradise Earth integrates two modes of inspiring you:

1 – Transmissions - Featuring channeled energy-messages from other realms, these short audio recordings are emailed to you twice a month.  They access high-dimensional Divine Creators as well as Nature and Nature Spirits, to upshift consciousness and help you embody the sense of Devotion and Beauty. This enhances a supremely pure level of Heart-to-Nature connection in participants. 


2 - Group Gatherings Online – Featuring Sunday afternoon group discussions once a month, these meetings also include live channeled messages. Both modes infuse you with fresh energies to expand your awareness into a new capacity to truly savor Beauty in daily life; and a deeper, higher merging with Nature. They also help you explore new practices and perspectives to help you bring this into your daily life.


Being in devotion is a way to retain hope and faith, despite what’s going on in the human world. It is a way to choose Beauty as a focus. Together, using specific practices and ways of life, we hold a frequency of enduring beauty, wellness and paradise for the planet. This can profoundly support the Earth’s evolution and counteract other forces at play. A practice and way of life for the High Priestesses of Lemuria, Devotion to Nature as a way of living is now brought forward for us.


Creating the New Earth. In essence, with Paradise Earth we will explore myriad ways to hold and feel and a supremely positive (even perfect) vision for the Earth. Thus we create the Earth the way our hearts know it can be.

“What you do is ‘star magic’,

with your words, wisdom and channeled messages. 

You bring ancient wisdom forward to transform people and situations, 

and also transform the Earth Grid.” (Master St. Germain, to Sarah Root)


Paradise Earth seeks to…

* Merge us viscerally, energetically, more deeply with Nature

* Provide simple practices that shift how we live within Nature

* Focus us on Beauty

* Enhance our creation of the New Earth

* Infuse us with an overall sense of Peace and Hope and “All is Well”

* Support us in BEING this…and spreading this frequency to others


The Galactic Ones created Earth to be a place of beauty, peace and harmony in which any race could take a restorative retreat. It was meant to be a stabilizing influence in the universe. We will be helping create that reality ~ the New Earth; Earth as Paradise.


Sarah Root is an energetic catalyst for personal awakening and planetary healing. She is a channel for a very high-dimensional Light that shifts people into expanded capacities as the New Human. Deeply entrained with Nature and Nature Spirits, Sarah also remembers being a Priestess in Lemuria, holding the vibration of Perfection for the Earth.. It is her joy to bring this forward now for everyone.    ~ People say Sarah “is a clear channel for all kingdoms” and “holds a high clarity of insight and wisdom”.  

Make a positive difference: Engage in Paradise Earth
  • Receive two short audio Transmissions each month, filled with energies to shift you on all levels toward Devotion to Nature.

  • Join an online Zoom gathering once a month to explore and support this way of life with others.


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