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Tales from the New Earth 
Inspiring new ways of living with all of life, through experiencing...
     * Expanded sensitivities 
     * Deeper interconnections 
     * Fresh roles and approaches to the Earth

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Transcripts available here

Welcome to my FREE podcast series! As an Intuitive, an Energetic Catalyst for Planetary Awakening, and a lifelong partner with Nature, I am passionate about helping all of us evolve on this beautiful Earth. I serve as a channeled voice for the planet and its potential.


We clearly need innovative new ways of cooperating to preserve and to care for the Earth so that all of life can thrive together in peace, harmony and plenty. The New Earth is that potentiality; that paradigm. These channeled adventures, led by wise cosmic Nature Spirits, tap into the wisdom and ways of civilizations that have succeeded in thriving in Earth-like settings. Life there is simple, rich and cooperative, and people have very deep bonds with nature.


These transmissions invite your consciousness to expand so you literally see, feel and experience applicable solutions for many of our planetary woes. Come back renewed and inspired – sensing deeper interconnections than ever, with Earth. Experience a fresh awareness and develop specific approaches you can apply to your daily life. Discover ways you can help the planet thrive. In these ways YOU can help create the New Earth. 

Join me every Tuesday  for "Tales from the New Earth"!

"This is what we all need…. this level of energy, hope, love and support….

and knowing that is all going to be okay.

That the New Earth is coming.”  (Susana, CO)

"The visual narrative you share could not be more authentic ~ 

it’s clear your visions are infused and shared with Light, positive healing and a powerful energy force."

(Molly, MA)


A COMPANION TO THE NEW EARTH PODCASTS  ~               Earthkeepers Divination Cards    

Help usher in the New Earth by activating new roles on the planet

The Earthkeepers Cards are designed to expand your consciousness as the New Human. They invite you to explore, and literally activate, specific vital roles you may play within the New Earth. The Earthkeepers messages were channeled from Source, through Angelic, Ancient and Cosmic Realms that have always supported our planet.The Light Language on each card is comprised of channeled cosmic words that speak to you soul, rather than to your mind. These words carry sound-energies (light codes) designed to activate your true capabilities and help you evolve in a quantum way. The Earthkeepers Cards can personalize and build on your podcast experiences of the New Earth!

$40 plus $3 shipping​    (To purchase, contact Sarah)

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