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Clear Light Conversations

Private Sessions: Uplift and Re-center Profoundly in your Light

Are you looking for inner clarity and the inspiration of your True Self, on a personal topic or issue?

  • Reconnect with your own heart's knowing

  • Come away soothed, calmed, grounded back in your own core

  • Feel the exquisite touch of Christ Light energies


Offered by phone or in person.

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About the Clear Light Conversations. These sessions are gentle dialogs that provide individual attention to whatever you wish to explore about your inner life. Clear Light Conversations are warm, loving and illuminating. They are deeply intuitive, and deeply informed by higher beings working through Sarah. They bring you fully back to center and light you up so that you can tap into your own innate wisdom. 


A river of steady, calm, uplifting energy runs through all the conversations, supporting the reconnection of vital energy flows between body, mind, heart and soul……helping restore you to your natural whole self. Many threads of your experience with life will begin to pull together in new ways, giving you fresh clarity and possibility. Next steps will become clear for you on your path. New qualities in you will be empowered to come forward.

My work is intuitive, flowing, and grounded. It's guided by your soul. I infuse all my work, joyfully and from my heart, with ascension energies that transform you, awaken you, and help you “keep the lights on” in your life.

"You have a  wonderful, helpful and profound gift...

such a needed tool for our spiritual evolution." (Caridad, CO)


What You’ll Get.

  • Access your inner knowing 

  • Receive insights and inspirations

  • Feel deeply heard as you are held by higher Presence

  • Step back into your true core self, your soul, your unique pathand your own Light

  • Come away better at tuning into your heart’s longing to guide your decisions in life

  • Feel  steady, clear, joyful and alive... empowered by your own inner self


All of this accelerates your spiritual growth and expands your ability to live and thrive in these uncertain times. Because you are more aligned with your wholeness and your true self, and also fully in your heart, you are much more clear about what you want to do and how you want to be. You are able to make choices from your soul, so you stay true to the very best version of you.

"Your words are always spot-on. They speak to exactly where I am. I feel this every single time we work together. It gives me tingles.

I am so glad you are such a clear conduit for what comes through. I TRULY appreciate our work together." (Carol, NY)

"You have a magic touch that integrates and restores me on multiple levels." (Della, UT)

Book a Clear Light Session Uplift and Recenter in Your Light

  • Contact Sarah to schedule your phone or in-person session

  • Fee:  $60/hour. Note that the Add to Cart button only pays for one hour.

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