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Three Re-Balancing Tools

To Support You in these Chaotic Times

In just a short phone call, receive three profound transmissions of advanced energy so you can:

  • Re-activate and re-do them for yourself anytime, anywhere

  • Stay steady and clear

  • Respond appropriately to the challenges around you

The Tools:


  • Equipoise: Do your own hands-on healing. Activates your hands with Universal Energy and transmits a deeply steadying, soothing, relaxing set of hand placements. Calms the body, mind and emotions in just 2 minutes.


  • Find Inner Presence: A quick way to align with your inner self. This is your God-spark; your soul; the Presence within. Through dialog, move past fears and concerns, to where your heart wants you to live. “Power up” that inner space as the Presence fills you. Learn how to follow your feelings and use them as a compass to get back to this profound clear center.    Accompanied by an emailed Light Meditation that you can use in daily practice to strengthen this capacity.


  • Balance Mantra: Call in supreme inner balance and wholeness….so you can hold higher awareness while also doing daily tasks. Receive a transmission of channeled “light language” words that are activated in you. Repeat them to yourself anytime, anywhere for supreme steadiness and higher perspective.    



These are Advanced Lightwork Tools. They are infused with Source energies that interconnect with your own personal energy signature, to bring you back to center. Where you are grounded. And uplifted. Powerfully.


These are wonderful practices; they offer very concise moments of shifting. You can do them at a traffic light! (Elaine, FL)


Deeply calming..... deeply grounding....the energy filled up my soul..... impressive exercises.  (Clients)


You have a wonderful, helpful and profound gift… (Caridad, CO)

With the resonance of your voice, everything quiets down, and my heart and soul can start listening.

It feels like a soothing balm to work with you. (Susana, CO)

BOOK A SESSION -  Get Steady Fast!

  • Balancing Tools are offered by phone in a half-hour session.

  • Fee: $33/session  (sliding scale available starting at $20, if finances are in issue). Contact Sarah.

  • Gift Certificates available.

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