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Radiant Alignment Readings

Using a rich blend of approaches, a Soul Reading tunes in and explores your beautiful Truest Self. I clearly see your highest potential, what aspects of you are emerging now, and your gifts and challenges. We utilize Soul Contract Reading and Akashic Record Reading techniques to journey into these topics and into your specific questions. The result is deep, clear and customized to what you need at this time.


Soul Readings are energetic transmissions that literally activate new aspects of you and begin to clear what is blocking you. They are offered typically by phone, but by MP3 if phone doesn't work for you.


Start to embody your most vital, gifted you were always meant to be!


Get a snapshot of your path for the next few months. This is a very specific look at what's coming your way, using a deep intuitive dive into the Crystal Kingdom. 

  • Explore in-depth, five aspects of your journey right now

  • Zero in on specific spiritual actions: what to embrace, release or ponder

  • Come away with a focused “map” for the next steps spiritually

We will explore unique energies available to you (gifts) and those you are being called to cultivate (lessons), illuminated by ten Crystal Allies that come forward for you. They will help you see your next steps in the particular elemental areas of:

Home/Hearth/Body  (Earth)  ...  Creativity/Passion/Will  (Fire)  ...  Emotions/Relationships/Communication  (Water)  ...  Thoughts/Beliefs/Goals/Visions  (Air)  ...  and Synthesis of what’s stirring/changing overall  (Storm).  


For your birthday or anytime...​

  • Discover what spiritual qualities are ready to emerge in you

  • Move toward your soul potential, manifesting those strengths

  • Through the reading, I’ll receive your specific Crystal Ally to help you on this path, then craft that gemstone into a bracelet or necklace for you

  • An energetic transmission (by MP3) that literally activates new aspects of you and begins to clear what is blocking you.



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