As an intuitive who channels directly from Source, I happily offer any of the Reading formats below. Alternatively, I would be delighted to craft a creative mixture of several approaches that will best target what you need. Just message me and we'll co-create a rich, full reading that is customized for you.

Activate your spiritual path in life:

  • Understand your special gifts

  • Find what you were meant to do in this life

  • Get past your core patterns



For your birthday:​

  • Manifest your next-step spiritual qualities in the coming year

  • Move toward your soul potential

  • Through the reading, I’ll receive your specific Crystal Ally for this year, then craft that gemstone into a bracelet or necklace for you



Explore your past lives:

  • Understand the source of persistent issues or relationship dynamics

  • Gain fresh perspective that gives you the compassion and courage to change

  • Discover recurring life purposes and themes

  • Start to embrace your most vital, gifted self