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Sacred Wisdom Circle

Rekindling our Innate, Magnificent, Feminine, Star-Born, Spiritual Selves

Are you longing to...

  • Be inspired and encouraged with your sacred feminine gifts

  • Access channeled teachings and energies from conscious civilizations and higher realms

  • Discuss practical wisdom/actions for daily life….to help you engage from your sacred self

This gender-neutral Circle is designed to call forward our elegance, sacredness and spiritual mastery as the Feminine. We will tap into our natural sacredness and our abilities as shamans and spiritual energy masters. We will blend our own higher wisdom in solidarity with that of the Pleiadians, Syrians, Venetians and Lemurians - civilizations that are/were successful at being peaceful, loving and conscious. Also with very high beings who live near Source and oversee the galaxies.

Seeding new ways in society. The Sacred Wisdom Circle is meant to be deeply inspiring, celebratory, practical, supportive and expansive. It’s meant to help you rekindle your own beautiful sacred mastery, not just for your own evolution, but also so you can help seed a new paradigm on the planet….gently and clearly, through small acts. The New Earth will be partly patterned after Lemuria. The women of Lemuria were honored for their ability to guide the culture with intuition...teach the children spiritually and gently... work with the spirits of weather, land and sea... intuit where the men should fish each day... and continually support the template of the Lemurian culture. This is the kind of spirit-connected leadership that we will be remembering and embodying.


Expect to explore practical ways to step up more into our beauty, our mastery and our intuitive selves in daily life. We will immerse in some ceremony to invoke purer realms, and receive channeling - both energies and teachings - directly from Higher Realms and highly conscious civilizations. Expect immersion in the energies of aspects of the Sacred Feminine that are ready to come forward now. Short readings from the book "Women of Lemuria" or "Greetings Earth: A Handbook About the Galactic Federation and its History with Humanity" may be offered for reflection and illumination. All of this will be tied together with personal reflection on how this affects you going forward, so that it gets integrated for you, here, now. 

Engaging with your world more from your sacred self.  What does that really mean? It can mean harmonizing, holding higher energies, using your intuition openly, celebrating beauty, speaking from your higher vision and hope, trusting your shamanic sense of magic and alchemy, speaking up for nature, using gentle compassion, spreading joy and softness, and especially….finding your own strength in this softness.

Together, we will be remembering our innate Sacred Feminine Selves in all our magnificence, capability and joy! 

Begin to celebrate how we are emerging as Wise Feminine Spiritual Leaders for the planet.


Your Facilitator: Sarah Root is a clear channel of Higher Realms, deeply Star-connected, and a Star Mother of the Pleiades who helped seed the Earth's consciousness. She is an energetic catalyst for personal and planetary awakening, and a longtime facilitator of women's spiritual groups, bringing forth new ways of living on Earth.


Come away...

  • Inspired with practical actions for daily life - including Star instructions for caring for the Earth

  • Attuned increasingly to the energies and wisdom of advanced civilizations, which upshifts you

  • Feeling deep steadiness and balance 

  • Belonging to a Sisterhood

  • Rekindling your bright, sweet, influential feminine gifts​

Join the Sacred Wisdom Circle ~ Are you ready to seed the New Earth with Feminine Wisdom?
  • Next Meeting: Saturday March 16, 10:00-11:00am Eastern US. Come when you can. (Typically we meet the first Sundays of the month).

  • Replays available

  • Fee:  $33 per Gathering or Replay

  • To join the email list or for more information:  Contact Sarah Root

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