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3 Great Ways to Surf the Chaos

These can be challenging times to live in. With environmental concerns, politics, terrorist attacks …the world can seem like a crazy and scary place.

How do you keep from getting sucked into all the fear?

The biggest challenge facing the world, I think, is not the obvious concerns but rather a spiritual one ~ staying centered and focused on what’s important in life. That means, staying loving and peaceful within yourself, and having faith that all of this messiness is part of a greater plan.

That seems like a tall order! I get it.

But I’ve found that it’s actually pretty simple to stay clear inside. It “only” takes paying attention to where my thoughts are taking me. What I do with my mind, affects my inner energy, my “vibration”, and how good I feel.

Here are three simple ways to help stay clear and centered:

Turn off the news. Newspapers and TV are designed to inflame our emotions and distract our minds with fear and worry. Trust me – your friends or family will mention the major news you need to know. Try going on a “fast” from the news for a couple days and see how you feel!

Simplify your life. Do less. Get more rest. Find a quiet spot and breathe. Turn off your brain. Try going to bed half an hour earlier, taking naps or baths or walks in nature, or having a quiet cup of tea. Resist the urge to open your email. Do one thing at a time.

The brain loves distractions. It loves constant planning, worrying and thinking (it’s like a mad uncle jabbering away in there!). When it disengages, you can get quiet inside. The mind finds its natural spaciousness, and you can re-center there.

Create joy around you. Do you tend to get pulled into the energy or mood of what’s happening around you? Instead you can actually create the mood you want to feel inside.

Joy is a great energy. Try this: create joy three times today. To do that, simply find a way to be playful, allowing or light-hearted where you would normally have another reaction. You should feel something different inside. Write and let me know what you experience.

This is how to take charge of creating life the way you want it!

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more ways to surf the chaos in your own life…

so you can live from your natural, clear, strong self…send me an email. We can explore some specific tools for you.

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