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Solstice - Equinox Readings

A Specific Snapshot of Your Path for the Next Few Months 

Are you looking for a Seasonal Reading that can shed light on your Soul’s Path for the coming three months - between each Solstice and Equinox?  Let a deep intuitive look into the Crystal kingdom guide you to….

  • Explore in-depth, five aspects of your journey right now....related to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Storm elements

  • Zero in on specific spiritual actions: what to embrace, release or ponder

  • Come away with a focused “map” for the next steps spiritually


Powerful seasonal shifts. Four times a year, at the potent Summer/Winter Solstices and Fall/Spring Equinoxes, we all shift our energies along with the Living Earth. Tapping into deep intuition, along with the specific energies and wisdom of the Crystal Ally Divination Deck (by Naisha Ahsian), we will clarify what the upcoming season is bringing you. We’ll see just how to aim your practices for the next phase of your beautiful evolution. 


Explore your gifts and upcoming lessons. We will look into the unique energies available to you (gifts) and those you are being called to cultivate (lessons), including many that may not be obvious to you. These will be illuminated by ten Crystal Allies that come forward for you. In these ways you will see your next steps in the specific areas of:

  • Home/Hearth/Body  (Earth)

  • Creativity/Passion/Will  (Fire)

  • Emotions/Relationships/Communication  (Water)

  • Thoughts/Beliefs/Goals/Visions   (Air)

  • Synthesis:  What’s stirring/changing overall; your primary gift and growth motivation right now; pulls all the others together  (Storm)


Come away with a “Soul Map”. The Solstice-Equinox Reading is a very detailed, practical and precise view into your Spiritual Path right now. It gives you a map of what strengths to call upon more consciously, and how and when to shift into new energies/potentials coming your way. This helps you step forward and upward on your Path….with the greatest possible ease and results… your own unique, true way!


 "You activated the next [spiritual] level in me, with your voice and your words.

You gave me permission to fully believe in myself and surrender to this process. You are gifted!"  (Tenney, NY)




Get a Solstice-Equinox Reading ANYTIME!  The period a reading covers is determined by when the next Solstice or Equinox will occur. A reading done on June 2 deals with energies in play until the June 21 Solstice. A reading done July 2 deals with energies in play until the September 21 Equinox. Get one anytime you want.

Working with Crystal Allies. You may wish to purchase a tumbled stone or two from the crystals consulted, to energetically support your Soul Path forward. Crystals align our frequencies with our True Self and strongly help us manifest intentions.

Book a Solstice-Equinox Reading:  Get a Snapshot of your Path
  • Contact Sarah to schedule your reading 

  • Readings are offered by phone, unless you prefer just to receive an mp3 recorded privately and emailed to you. Your choice.

  • Fee:  $70  

  • Gift Certificates available - just Contact Sarah. 

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