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     "Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn't you
       – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs - and becoming who you are."  ~ Rachel Naomi Remen


Soul Coaching: Let me help you…

  • Clear and release old beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Listen inwardly for your own answers…gain lasting access to your deepest longings, truths and innate wisdom

  • Link and lock you into higher realms…for ongoing guidance and support

  • Unravel limiting patterns and issues

  • Clarify your soul path and direction

  • Unfold the next steps on your path

  • Align with your soul path and start to express your unique gifts

  • Regenerate your original divine template ~ and re-set to that frequency

  • Shift you into a higher consciousness …for a higher handhold in life

  • Discover your awakened presence, and learn how to access it in daily life

  • Learn to navigate life’s challenges with new, creative responses

  • Gain tools for conscious living ~ making clear, courageous, high-functioning choices no matter what is going on around you

  • Create simple, powerful practices to keep on track in daily life

  • Profoundly move you forward and energetically anchor you into a new expanded self


When you awaken to your soul, everything starts falling into place. You get catalyzed on all levels. You are happy, clear, strong, vibrant, and shining as you were meant shine. This is masterful living!


Types of sessions available. Receive one session for a current situation, multiple sessions for deeper issues, or regular ongoing work that supports deeper, lasting life change. You choose.    


  • Soul Coaching is offered in person, or by distance via Phone or Skype. Either way is equally powerful.

  • Fee: $80/session (typically 1.5 hours long). Package discounts for multiple sessions. Sliding Scale available.   

  • To customize your payment, use Payment plans are welcome. Gift certificates available.

  • Email Sarah to  Book your Free ½-Hour Introductory Session

More About Masterful Living from the Soul

Soul Coaching with Energy Infusions


Sarah’s toolbox includes…

  • Deep Intuitive Listening to your heart and soul

  • Multiple Energy Modalities: Clearing/Restoring Sessions and Soul Empowerments

  • Coaching with a myriad of Soul Transforming Processes and Exercises

  • Activation of your innate, ongoing Connection to Spirit

  • Specific, powerful, liberating Soul Practices to anchor it all in daily life

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