Soul Contract Readings

Activate your Soul Potential

Do you want to...

  • Know your special gifts ~ how you are meant to be most purposeful

  • Exactly what pushes your buttons and pulls you off track

  • How to get past any core patterns that are issues right now

  • And literally activate yourself on your Soul Path?


This Reading can help you stay strongly in your most effective, creative, joyful self... and shine as you were meant to shine.

It will tune into what's "up" for you right now, within your overall Soul Contract, and 1-2 specific questions you have. Future readings can explore where you are at THAT time on the path of your Contract; relationship dynamics; or other questions.

Your Reading is offered by mp3. It will be recorded privately using your key questions, then emailed to you. 

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Your work propelled me forward...  It cut right through the ego to the truth...

You have such a beautiful gift that brings much needed guidance, light, love and heart wisdom to the world. 

A Soul Contract Reading clearly identifies your karmic challenges, talents, goals and deepest purpose for being (soul destiny). By decoding your Soul Contract from your birth name, we access a powerful and accurate system of spiritual interpretation. It reveals specific, practical knowledge and tools to help you heal old issues and function from hour most balanced, highest self.

You’ll see precisely why you’ve been stuck in certain ways…and you’ll see the unique gifts you were given to step into...emphasizing what is current for you. It’s a very rich experience of who you truly are at a deep level, and how to stay centered and steady there. In the highest truth of the situations that come your way.

A reading gives you a clear, step-by-step map for remaining aligned with your own natural best energies (your true soul self). And it shows what you’re aiming for - what you came here to contribute. This is super motivating! 

You get an Energy Activation with the reading too. It will empower and upshift your whole energy field, thereby:

  • Activating your Soul Purpose and Path within you

  • Lighting up new codes in your DNA to help you embrace the true you ~ so you feel expanded, brighter, more whole

  • Beginning to clear what's blocking you

  • Fueling your motivation on the path by waking up your Soul Self

  • Aligning you with your Divine Template - your original "blueprint" of how you've always been meant to shine

  • Strengthening your connection with the Divine


* A Jump-Start on your path

* Clear understandings  

* Specific practical actions 



Come away able to....

  • See the higher truth in trying situations ~ with forgiveness, peace and clarity

  • Hold steady and feel more "yourself" than you ever have

  • Get inspired to change things in your life

  • Feel more whole and fulfilled

  • Step forward spiritually

  • Live more effortlessly, from the heart

  • Move beyond being a victim of your circumstances

  • Feel deep peace when you hear the truth of your life read so accurately

I am blown away by this reading. I didn’t expect it to feel so good – I feel settled, peaceful, restful.

The reading feels true and validating. I love the corrective actions, the behavioral tweaks; they are really helpful and exciting.

I want to use the information to change and be a powerful and positive force in the world.  (Gayle, MA)

This work is based on the Numerology of Moses, which taps into your birth name: coded in its letters, is your blueprint for this lifetime. The birth name is used to generate numbers that describe the energies set in place by your soul for this life. These energies create the lens through which you see things in each moment. The Kaballah, an ancient wisdom text designed to help people understand how to navigate life as a spiritual being in a human body, is then used to interpret each energy or life pattern for you. 

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  • Readings are offered by mp3. They are recorded privately using your key questions, then emailed to you. 

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Soul Contract Reading

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