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Strengths and Gifts Activation

Meet the World from your BEST Self


Are you ready to...

  • Clear what trips you up the most
  • See exactly where you’re meant to put your focus right now

  • Identify and activate your hidden gifts and strengths

  • Awaken the most capable, resilient you


How it works. This Activation is a powerful blend of energy expansions, clearing, and intuitive messages, rolled into one mp3 recording. It is performed remotely, recorded, and the audio is sent to you. It’s like getting an Intuitive Reading and a Personal Energy Session, all at once. It reconnects vital energy flows within your whole system, in ways that support your natural great self. The Strengths and Gifts Activation is comprised of customized, channeled messages derived from your Soul Contract, your Akashic Records and your body, heart and soul. 

What you get...

1. Clear your top challenges – where you get stuck or pulled off center. Sarah’s energy-words in the recording will begin the process of resolving and dissolving these issues. Learn exactly how to finish the clearing on your own…so you can be more free.


2. Direct access to new gifts/strengths/talents that are as yet untapped or hidden. You’ll be able to tap right in and feel these qualities within you, as we activate them. You’ll enter specific past lives in which you lived those gifts powerfully, and learn exactly how to call on those lifetimes for those abilities. And claim them for this life, here now…for a stronger, truer you. 

3. Receive clear, specific guidance on exactly where you’re meant to put your focus in your life right now. Learn your best roles, your life purpose, and how you are designed to function in this lifetime. It’ll help you feel profoundly grounded and aligned with your best self (with what your soul wants). Also learn what it means for these confusing Covid times - what you’re meant to give, or help make happen, in the world around you; how you’re meant to show up. Gain specific, practical next steps so you can move forward with confidence.

I feel so empowered, positive and excited from this Activation! It was full of missing puzzle pieces for me. (Carol, NY)

It has triggered much healing ....(Brigitte, NJ)

Come away….

  • Anchored into a whole new level of strength and competence.

  • Knowing what you're designed to do and be, during these times.

  • Able to meet the world from your most empowered place.

  • With clear direction and fresh motivation to move forward in your life.


Book a Session ~ Meet the world from your Best Self!
  • Contact Sarah to set up a session, which is performed remotely and sent to you as an audio mp3.

  • Fee:  $70   (Suggest a different donation if finances are a concern.)  

  • Gift certificates available.

Strengths and Gifts Activation                                 

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