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Whole-Self Activation

Take Yourself to the Next Level:  With this Energetic Upgrade and Expansion



Already feeling quite balanced and strong?

Ready to upshift to the next “octave”?


  • Experience great centeredness in your unique, Supreme Self

  • Align powerfully, purely with Source....feel clear and whole

  • Receive a custom mantra designed to re-activate this in you

  • Step toward your highest purpose:  why you are here in this life

Performed remotely and sent to you by mp3.


About the Whole-Self Activation. New aspects of each of us are coming forward right now on the planet, previously unrealized. In this Activation, powerful energy-words will describe and activate your essential great self, and who you are uniquely designed to be. This includes your special purpose and destiny for this life, along with a potent image of your soul self. All of this upshifts your entire being in a gentle, warm way that you can integrate over the coming weeks. 


The purpose is to give you the experience of being in your Supreme Self, merged with Source. There, you access your original divine blueprint. Energetically, during this Activation, many of your original energy flows become reconnected between heart, mind, body and soul. More whole now, you can be a much stronger container for your own innate power, wisdom and connection. 


You will be imprinted deeply with your unique design. Aligned.


One of the most powerful Activations I've received! (Anon.)

What you get.

  • Feel deeply centered and settled within yourself: confident and present at palpable new levels

  • More open and clear than you’ve ever felt before, because you’re connected with Source

  • Able to navigate life with much more ease, and hold your power & Light steadily

  • You can now function from this whole new octave

  • Learn specifically why you’re here, especially in this uncertain era, and what qualities are meant to come forward now

  • Pure Source connection that clear away energies that no longer serve you

  • Energetically, it stabilizes your Lightbody (subtle bodies/aura) - anchoring higher-dimensional consciousness into your entire self, and re-setting your vibrational frequency and DNA to their original intended state


Re-Activate this for Yourself! Unique to this Activation is a phrase of customized energy-words, with which you can return to this state anytime. It’s a sort of mantra in “light language” words that resonate deeply with your core self. Simply go quiet and receptive, and use the phrase given in the mp3 transmission….and you’ll be uplifted and feel the Activation again. You’ll need to use the mantra regularly for a little while, to anchor it into yourself so that you can swiftly return to your Greater Self.

I’ve been more authentically in my higher vibrational energy/self…..there is a clearer sense of who I Am.

There is a great spaciousness, and integration with all dimensions. (Bhakti, NY)

Come away ….. 

  • Having gained a powerful upgrade of your entire energy field

  • Strongly holding great presence…stability…radiance…ease

  • With a re-activation mantra and visualization ~ so the upshift is lasting

  • Feel settled and focused about why you’re here

  • Feeling fully at home and whole within yourself


Book a Session ~ Take yourself to the next level
  • Contact Sarah to set up a session, which is performed remotely and sent to you as an audio mp3.

  • Fee: $70   (Suggest a different donation if finances are a concern.)  

  • Gift certificates available.                                                            

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