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Energy Audios
"Your Rising Light" Transmissions
Sent out Weekly to Support New Consciousness

Bringing you….

  • New frequencies, fresh on the planet 

  • Consciousness-expanding channeled messages

  • Simple, accessible Light-Practices - so you can embody it all


Short. Powerful. Lasting.  And you can Re-Activate the frequencies for yourself. 


Here's where to get a "Weekly Lift" to the next level!  


 * * * * *

This is a potent time on the planet. Your Inner Light wants to rise and rise right now. These “Rising Light” Transmissions are pure and high, channeled through the Pleiades, Venus and Great Central Sun - which are actively impulsing the Earth for our evolution.


“Your Rising Light” Transmissions are unique messages/practices that come in the form of short 9-minute Energy-Audio MP3’s. They are designed to be invaluable catalysts to your evolution as a New Human. The words will inspire you and the energies will upshift you….one step more each week….into your next state of being. They help your body, mind and emotions adjust to new consciousness on the planet. These are Transmissions of living frequencies coming to Earth from the Cosmos. If you want to tap into all this goodness……look here! The time is now. It’s for you.

Sample “Rising Light” Energy-Audio at bottom of page!

“Exceptionally profound, very timely in relation to my own energy” (Sheryl, NY)

“Your gift of bringing forth the new is immense and precious. These messages carry potent concepts that land in the heart” (Susan, VA)


“This is true energy alchemy at work!” (E.H, VT)




Sarah is an energetic catalyst for personal awakening and planetary healing. She is a clear conduit of higher-dimensional, coded Light that activates the heart, soul and multi-dimensional divine capacities as the “New Human”. Read more about Sarah here.


What you get.

  • Experience the power of words that carry brand new Light Codes into your whole system…bringing a new state of being

  • Infuse with new principles, understandings and perspectives

  • Activate dormant aspects of yourself, incrementally: memories, abilities, wholeness, health at deep levels, your spiritual purpose

  • Ascension energies in incremental steps

  • Keep rising into your New, True, Whole self

  • Potent, practical messages about you as a New Human

  • Heal old patterns and ways of being that no longer serve you

  • Greater life force and spaciousness 

  • Stay steady, uplifted and clear 

  • Keep pace with the planetary energy shifts

"Your Rising Light" Transmissions: Keep Uplifting!
  • Subscribe with PayPal’s Automatic Payment Plan here. Just click on "Monthly Payment" and enter your chosen amount:

  • Fee: The monthly subscription fee is $33, $22 or $11 – whichever you feel fits your budget and values the offering. (Or discuss an alternative with Sarah.)

  • You may also pay by personal check mailed to Sarah.

  • You’ll receive a weekly email with a 9-minute MP3.

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