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Testimonials ~ Starseed Soul Empowerments

It’s wonderful to finally be receiving energy upgrades that are moving me forward! I feel so supported. The Starseed Attunement gave me a sense of purpose and wholeness that I’ve been longing for. Thank you! (EH)

I felt greatly expanded, lifted by this attunement. I felt diamond light entering my crown. Somehow I feel more strong and more whole now. (Anon.)

My experience with the Starseed Attunement is that I feel even more connected to my Star family. I always see the blue white light surrounding me, and I feel at peace and at Home. The energies are also very grounding, which I love, because this is necessary for us Starseeds. ;) (A.V.)

A lot has happened. This attunement opened up my heart chakra at a whole new level. Also I’ve experienced more lucid dreams. I feel much more connected to my Soul, experiencing Love and wanting to share this Unconditional Love! Duality is gone, we are all ONE. (A.V.)

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