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Soul Readings
Step into your Emerging Self

If you are interested in moving forward into your Emerging Self, by ...

  • Gaining inner vision and inspiration about your path

  • Exploring your True Essence and hidden gifts

  • Discovering your specific spiritual mission in this life

  • Activating what's ready to come forth, and clearing what's blocking you

  • Incorporating and re-membering higher aspects of your Self

  • Illuminating selected personal issues or topics...

Then this rich, full, intuitive Soul Reading is for you. It’s a Transmission. The energy-words a profoundly expand you toward your True Soul Self - your original blueprint. It’s a very rich experience of who you are, at a deep level. We are all shifting rapidly in these times, and integrating new versions of our Selves...for the entire planet is evolving toward a New Earth. It’s helpful to have markers for the journey. 

 This reading is enlightening, inspiring and encourages new possibilities in me. (Cindy, NY)

A Soul Reading creatively blends several approaches. Pick which ones interest you most and leave the rest to Spirit to bring through:


* By tuning into your Soul Essence, your Truest Self, for a look at how you’re ideally designed to walk in this world. Receive a detailed description/sensation of your highest potential.  This illuminates your main soul work in this life and often feels like "coming home". Look at where you are now, comparatively, and learn steps to move toward your wholeness. Come away inspired by your Natural Great Self. Perhaps with a Crystal Ally to help you!


* Expand your perspective with a look at your Cosmic or Starseed Connections. We've all had lifetimes on other planets, often with similar missions, using gifts that we can now begin to access. Discover why you incarnated on Earth at this time of shifting to the New Earth. Understand areas of your life where you may have felt you didn’t fit.


* We will look at your Soul Contract to illuminate exactly where you might be challenged, and what qualities and talents are calling you forward most strongly right now. Using a powerful and accurate tool for spiritual interpretation (Numerology of Moses),  your birth name will be decoded to uncover the energies that were set in place by your soul for this life. This will provide specific, practical information to help you get past core patterns…access unique gifts….and navigate toward your best self where you feel more whole and fulfilled.


* Get further clarity by peering into your Akashic Records. Simply learning about past life experiences often brings profound new levels of awareness. But also, you’ll be able to directly tap into your treasures and gifts (some of them hidden till now) from certain past lives, feel them awaken in you, and claim them. Re-membering higher aspects of you helps you embody the best of your lifetimes and be strong and radiant as you’re meant to be. As well, you’ll get a jumpstart clearing a few persistent issues.

You see people’s souls. You’re able to pierce the veil, and see what is keeping them stuck, 

and what they are capable of, and ways to move ahead.  (Jay, NY)

Everything has shifted since your Soul Reading!

It propelled me forward in a powerful yet effortless, loving way.  (Susana, CO)

Soul Readings are Energetic Transmissions that literally activate new aspects of you, light up new codes in your DNA, and begin to dissolve old patterns in your way. The audio mp3 is comprised of energy-words that activate change in you, by reconnecting vital energy flows between your body, mind, heart and soul. Thus this Reading can bring palpable change. You’ll feel the energies upshifting you, through the recording!


You will come away with…


  • A sense of who is rising up in you...what new emanation of you is coming forward

  • An infusion of wisdom and energy

  • Tap into your Soul Essence, your Soul Contract and your Akash

  • Key messages for you at this time, supporting the new Emerging You

  • Specific, practical ways to step forward into a masterful Self

  • More balance, strength, clarity and competence

  • Being propelled forward on your path

  • Feeling aligned and radiant

Start to embody your most vital, gifted you were always meant to be!

It's a beautiful and sacred gift you share, your voice, words and images exude clarity, love, compassion and light...

magically filled with love and uplifting vibrations in what would otherwise feel like dire situations. (N., France)

Book a Reading:  Step into your Emerging Self
  • Contact Sarah to schedule your reading 

  • Readings are offered by mp3 recorded privately and emailed to you.

  • Fee:  $85 

  • Gift Certificates available - just Contact Sarah. 

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