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You have a wonderful, helpful and profound gift…such a needed tool for our spiritual evolution. (Caridad, CO)       Your gift brings much guidance, light, love and heart wisdom to the world. (Susana, CO)

With the resonance of your voice, everything quiets down, and my heart and soul can start listening. It feels like a soothing balm to work with you. (Susana, Colorado)


Your spiritual radiance has helped me get through many challenges. (Amy, NY)

You're a master communicator and channel. 110% clear! (Marguerite, NY)

You have helped me to awaken, by just being you ~ loving, patient and honest ~ your energy is so loving and pure. You are the "real deal" and most humble person out there. Which makes you the perfect channel for this work (Arlette, Netherlands)

Your clarity of insight and breadth of heart is a gorgeous beacon of light that makes it so much easier to "see" on this Journey. (Anon.)

Your heart flows forward a cool, comforting, steady stream of love more distinct than any soul I have met in this lifetime.  (Rand Shields, Heavenwork ™)

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding, supporting, listening, loving me through out this whole process. I feel such a shift in my life and I credit you hugely for that. You are such a good listener, and allowed me to feel safe and acknowledged.  (Megan, VT)

The beautiful thing about your work is that the messages are enduring and they deepen over time.  (Nadine, VT)



A person can wait a lifetime or two to have a teacher come along and offer this level of awakening. Thank you, beyond thank you! (Bhakti Maa, NY)


The Rising Light Transmissions are always so very "right on!" They have expanded my awareness and perspectives, they have healed me, they have soothed me, they have Graced me. (Bhakti, NY)


The Rising Light Transmissions impact me on all levels, and yet they are spaced apart enough that I can integrate them.  (Susana)



I am more grounded, more relaxed, despite any fracas around me. There is a greater, broader awareness. I continue to feel incredibly content, the kind I've never felt before in my life, all the way down to my toes: a whole center beam of contentment. (Helen, NY)

The [Activation] has been hugely helpful for me in the past months, in staying grounded and balanced, and feeling safe. Refreshing the activation daily, or in terms of urgency, brings me right back to a balanced me, offering me support in being clear. I bring it into me and within seconds issues are cleared. (Marguerite, NY)

Deep abiding peace ... a sense of greater spaciousness on the inner plane....greater sense of alignment within  myself and greater integration with all the dimensions of existence....I am more authentically in my higher vibrational energy/self. (Bhakti, NY)


The [Activation] helps me detach from reacting to people and situations. It helps me remain [in myself] so I can offer an intensity of love rather an intensity of reaction. And I can even see that people’s behavior is just their patterns. (Robin, NY)


I am overflowing with gratitude for your Soul Reading. Everything has changed since you did this for me. Your work propelled me forward in a powerful yet effortless, loving way. Everything about my own work shifted after the reading! (Susana, CO)

This is an incredibly revealing exercise; tremendously insightful. This is coming from a skeptic!  (Joe, FL)

After the session with you, I had a shift in my mindset which has opened me up to options and choices that I would not have considered before. It was as if your words clarified what I knew I had to do - empowered, supported and encouraged me to make my life the way I want it to be. It has changed me in such a new, fresh way! (Tenney, NY)

Your readings are very beautiful! They are of a very high vibration, a vibration of love and honesty, and they are of a caliber that is really connected to Source.  (Donna, NY)


You are tremendously skilled at these readings! Mine was spot-on...and I could literally feel each lifetime you described. (Marguerite, NY)

This reading is enlightening, inspiring and encourages new possibilities in me. I see that there is so much more potential for me to experience in this life in a fuller way. (Cindy, NY)

In your reading, I could feel the [recurring issue that originated in that lifetime] and it made sense why I continue to feel that in my life now.  I could feel the lifting of that burden already, during the reading. I deeply appreciate your sensitivity and command around your descriptive wording. It gives focus and clear understanding. (Marguerite, NY)

Now I see how I can draw on the lifetimes where I was really happy, creative and successful…instead of feeling stuck with a perceived heaviness in this lifetime. (Laura, NY)

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