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Sarah Root, Soul Alignment Facilitator


My passion is helping people find their own inner Light, so they can bring their unique gifts and potential into the world….and shine as they were meant to shine. I am interested in the swiftest, most powerful tools to shift people into higher consciousness so they can move forward on their spiritual paths. It’s a joy to weave these tools together for people.

Another passion for me is connecting people’s hearts and energies to the living Earth….which is why you see Earth-related workshops on my site.

My gift. I'm a Heart and Soul Activator ~ an energetic catalyst for personal awakening. My presence tends to be warm, gentle, sparkly and uplifting. When we work together, you may feel your soul self to be energized in a palpable way within you. Very high energies from Source flood through me to you, reminding you who you are truly are, by upshifting your whole energy field. You could say this awakens your Divine Template, your true original self. Along the way, it helps clear you of karmic issues and conditioning.

I am here for you.  

If you are looking for clear direction with your spiritual / soul path through life, or feel ready to expand spiritually, I’d love to work with you. I’ve gathered many profoundly helpful tools. I’ve designed and led hundreds of transformational workshops, courses and individual coaching sessions. For years I have channeled directly from Source, unique energies that can help with your healing and evolution.

More about Awakening to Your Soul

I am devoted to helping people shift into the New Human. My work helps you hold higher levels of consciousness by stepping onto your decoded Soul Path and restoring your original energy template. From there, you can live from a place of core strength, joy and clarity. When you Awaken to your Soul, everything falls into place. 

My work is intuitive, flowing, and grounded. It's guided by your soul. I infuse all my work, joyfully and from my heart, with ascension energies that transform you, awaken you, and help you “keep the lights on” in your life.

Sarah Root

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Relevant training

 *  Soul Contract Readings (Nicolas David Ngan, best-selling author of "Your Soul Contract Decoded")

 *  Akashic Records Readings (Carol Nicholson, Imagine Spirit)

 * Soul Ascension Work (The HeavenWork, Rand Jameson Shields) 

 *  Coaching: Certified Awakening Coach (Arjuna Ardagh), Certified Trainer/Coach (Empowerment Institute), Circlework Leader (Circlework Institute), and former Adventure Based Counseling Trainer (Project Adventure, Inc.)
 *  Energy Clearing: "I Am 
Sovereign" Freedom from Life Experience Programming Procedure (Copyright Ayaahanie), Clear Core Patterns (R. Stars)

  * Energy Healing: Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Rising Star Practitioner, Metatronic Healing Training, Healers' Workshops with Sai Maa, Spiritual Luminary, and Certified Shamanic Practitioner (Harner Tradition). Initiated by the Masters as a conduit for higher dimensional energies that awaken, heal, clear, expand and recalibrate. I have channeled a Healing Modality and a score of unique Soul Activations through Archangel Metatron and the Masters.
 *  Intuitive Work: Deep practice as a heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul intuitive since 2005, offering my own Soul Readings with clear messages and gentle soul activation. 

 *  Spiritual Minister - Enlightened Path Holistic Ministry & Awareness Center

 *  Certified Lightworker and Registered Healer - World Metaphysical Association


Other passions

Nature is my solace, my inspiration and my nourishment. I spend a great deal of time hiking, bird-watching, meditating, and sitting by streams. I especially love the big mountains. Also I love handcrafts ~ I weave on a big floor loom, make crystal bead jewelry, and create bead-embellished bags. Beauty inspires me!

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