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Why the new website? What's the buzz about Soul Contract Readings?

My website just changed. … why?

I’ve been on a nine-year path of deep spiritual research and developing myself as a channel for coded “awakening” energies. In January when I was done and just let go into whatever might unfold next, I was very clearly led to Soul Contract Readings.

It wraps together all the ways I love to help people. And it grabbed me personally. It got me where I’ve always longed to go. Here’s how.

All my life I’ve been a restless seeker and never quite “good enough to come forward” with my true work, despite obvious skills. It was frustrating! When I had my soul chart read, using this ancient Numerology of Moses (I really like ancient tools for spiritual evolution) … I suddenly understood.

I got two essential truths from my Soul Contract Reading (full disclosure here): I have big karmic lessons around daring to communicate from my inner self, and feeling disconnected from Source. Really, I said? I thought I shared myself readily, and I do all this higher awareness work…? But….maybe it’s true……….. Sigh. Yup, it’s true…I guess I’m busted (insert wobbly grin here). So, now what?

I really wanted to feel like I was using it to fulfill my potential in this life. I knew my gift was the exact opposite of those lessons, so I had some homework to do to flip that karma around. (My gift is what the reading called “being the mouth of God” …guess that is why I developed my channel, huh?... Hearing that was humbling. But motivating.)

So I went right out and dove into the energy healing and personal practices that were recommended. With BIG results! J I can honestly say I’m not restless anymore, and there’s no tape telling me “you’re not good enough”. I’m a little floored. Those energy technologies blew me away! – or should I say, they blew my patterns away!! (Did you know that 80% of what we spend our time doing, usually isn’t our soul work and doesn’t further us on our path? Glad I prioritized.)

Now I find it much, much easier to follow my soul self instead of the old programs. I’m much happier and shinier and I’m finally able to tap into the joy and ease that have eluded me for so long. That’s my mantra….Joy and Ease. J

So there, that’s the buzz about Soul Contract Readings. They get you where your soul longs to go.

And now I’m eager to share it all with you. Because what’s more important than being your fullest, most vibrant self that your soul wants you to be?

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