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The "Planetary Shift" and You

Do you wince at the words “planetary shift” or “human evolution”? Are they too woo-woo for you?

I used to think those terms were pretty woo-woo, too.

But when I quit my day job and started following what I loved, to see what I was meant to do next for work…it became really clear to me that it was a whole new kind of energy work. I’d have a group in my living room talking about their current challenges in life, and sometimes I could feel a huge energy flooding out through my heart.

When I looked around, everyone was feeling it. One person had sighed and closed her eyes, looking peaceful. Another said “whoa!” under his breath and sat very still. Another said, “Oh I see my way now….I’ll just do this!”

The energy was pouring from me to them, and helping them shift.

Okay, so now I knew people were capable of expanding into being happier and better people, pretty quickly. And as I read the words of different gurus and spiritual teachers, I realized that people all over the world were doing this, at a much higher rate and speed than ever before noticed.

Yup! A Planetary Shift.

Call it what you will ~ growing spiritually, evolving, higher consciousness, awakening, finding your truth…call it weird… whatever you like. But it’s been documented in a zillion ways that humanity has been gearing up for a long, long time for a big change. Now it’s here.

Here’s how the Shift might look in YOUR life…

  • More chaos and confusion ~ things being stirred up

  • An urge to switch jobs, move to another state or start a big new project

  • Spontaneously being much more tolerant and loving toward others

  • Feeling extra tired or headachy; needing to rest and be quiet more

  • When you want something you know is good for you, it shows up in your life quickly (I’m not talking a new pair of sunglasses; I’m talking a new kind of relationship or work opportunity)

  • Sudden vision of what you REALLY want to do with your life

This is all good stuff! I like to imagine a world where everyone is experiencing more of this kind of clarity, kindness and peacefulness…..just like the people in my living room, that day. We could use more of that on the planet. Whatever you call it.

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