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The New Earth and Your Awake Self

Happy spring! What unusual times these are….the seasons feel different, the world feels different, and I know that *I* feel different. Old paradigms are crumbling within us as well as on the planet. A new paradigm is already arising. It’s the New Earth.

In my new free Podcasts, “Tales from the New Earth”, I am privileged to enter other dimensions with the Nature Spirits, where we journey into the new paradigm. There, nature plays a much bigger role in our intelligent awareness, and solutions are often miraculously simple. So inspiring!

What each of us is doing in our own lives, moment to moment and day to day, influences the global whole. The change starts with me. So I like to remind myself that if I feel a little lost or restless or unsure, everyone else does too, and that the best thing I can do is go nourish myself awhile so that I can see/feel the next step.

I believe we are all on a journey of becoming someone new – and that it’s uncharted territory. Many of the sensations, insights and ways of being feel totally different from anything we’ve experienced so far in life. “Can this be real? Can I trust that this is truly me?”

My opinion is, yes. It’s real. We are gaining whole new capabilities and… could say ”powers”, even. Like….Stronger intuition. Ability to sense and help other beings from a distance. New levels of peace in hearts that feel more tender than ever before. We can allow and claim these new attributes because they are from the New True You, for the New Earth.

And, we have SO much cosmic help from Masters and Angels who are living right with us for the first time. Can you feel them? Try calling on them! All of the planet’s Cosmic Helpers are here to make sure humanity turns in the right direction. And by the way, one of them wants to merge with you. Check out the “Divine You” Activation to help you do this. This is a great way to move forward on your unique, intended path…and to hold a greater hope/vision for the planet.

A couple tips that I’ve learned recently:

  • Need for rest isn’t the same as depression. If you get tired, rest. Your body’s cells are changing rapidly, and your nervous system and energy fields too….they need nourishment. It’s okay that not a lot is “going on” sometimes. Lighten up, and let yourself rest.

  • You can choose the frequency of your thoughts. It’s very seductive to slip into old patterns of thinking. Find some quick ways to re-set yourself. Maybe it's Essential Activations, which are very short Energy-Audios for just this purpose. Maybe it’s envisioning yourself in your favorite place in nature. Maybe it’s your breath. Re-aligning is easier than it’s ever been, so give it a try.

Whatever your journey may be, out there, know that I’m holding a clear, steady, warm presence for you and all of us for the emerging of the New Earth. Let me know if I can be of any help.

May your spring days be bright! May your spirit find new freedom!

With great love,



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