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Why Live from the Soul?

If you could take a Magic Pill so you knew exactly who you are, why you are here and what you want to do with your life….would you take it?

I am betting that you would. :)

That magic pill is a strong energetic connection with your core self, your soul self. If you go for that connection, it does bring incredible clarity and inner steadiness. And it’s very easy to tap into that connection every day.

Yes, there may be some side effects to the pill. It might clear away things in your life that no longer serve you.

But I’m betting you’d appreciate the clearing too, in the end: letting go of a job you’ve never liked, a friend who isn’t really there for you anymore, a way of exercising that isn’t helping your body these days. It’s good to switch things up.

So what IS the soul, anyway?? There is part of you that is purely and essentially you ~ the best version of all your attributes. It is your higher self that’s always been with you. Your soul is the blueprint, in a way, of who you could become. It’s the part of you that is always awake, connected, wise, strong and clear. What’s not to like?

Why Soul Coaching and Empowerment? The soul doesn't need coaching or empowering. In fact, it’s constantly trying to help you. It nudges you and sends you messages to help you out of your fog, so you remember who you truly are: your unique gifts, your beauty, your potential.

* Soul Coaching is a way to clearly tune into what the soul wants you to know.

* Soul Empowerment is a way to physically, energetically, step right into your greater self.

So you can live your amazing, vibrant life…from a strong core place.

If you want to take a Soul Pill, give me a call!

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