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Finding Peace Inside

What if the purpose of these confusing times is for each of us to go inward, repeatedly? And find more Peacefulness of Self?

What a lovely outcome of the pandemic that would be!

Whether you’ve distracted yourself from becoming more quiet and inward in daily life (I know I have, at times!)…..or whether you’ve allowed that….it doesn’t matter. Whether inward times have felt comfortable or uncomfortable…it doesn’t matter. More quietness has happened, either way.

And the whole world got quieter.

We weren’t ever going to do it any other way.

I know that there has been more fieriness in the outer world. I’m choosing here to focus on what’s happening in our inner world, because that’s the place from which we create.

So I believe that from this inner stillness, each of us has become more clear about what we like about our individual lives, and what we don’t like. We have felt new things: perhaps great spaciousness….deep fear….an urge to help others….. an edgy nervous system…..or the nourishment of simply touching a tree. And now we can start to choose which of those things we want more of.

To me, it feels really, really good to be more peaceful inside. Like, why was I living that harried, fast life full of things “I had to do”? I was actually just making up things to do. I learned that a lot of those things aren’t necessary.

I want more gentle moments. More love of myself. More beauty. So I can feel what’s real. I choose Peace.

What do you choose?

(Drop me a line if you want some clarity and steadiness to sort through what's real for you!)

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