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Immerse in Deep Spiritual Inspiration 

Are you looking for a spiritual experience that carries you deeply and gently into the highest, newest aspects of you ~ illuminating them for this New Earth era?

    * Awaken your beautiful, skillful, Emerging Self

    * Tap into new capacities and creative energies for your development

    * Receive compelling channeled messages from the highest Masters

    * Safely held in sacred community

NOTE: Capacity for each retreat is eight people, so reserve your spot soon!

The Divine Architects: 

Awakening Your Spiritual Mastery

July 26-28, 2024   


Looking for core expansion of your spiritual capacities and strengths?


The Divine Architects are Masters of Purity and Creation. They bring fresh frequencies to help you...


  • Embody new qualities and practice them

  • Feel deep support and reassurance within

  • Find and feel your Essence

  • Be infused with a core resolve to step into your Spiritual Mastery

  • Receive a higher order of Purity, Peace and Heart-Power


Humanity is ready for the next step in evolution toward the Divine Human. Your Heart, Mind and Will are all primed to be palpably softened and purified, so that you can carry more refined Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Harmony. You’ll begin responding to the world from a brand new, balanced, inner resilience.


The exquisite, crystalline energies of the Divine Architects will also awaken your “Creator Heart” to help manifest the New Earth. When your Heart joins with Divine Will,  together they generate a Loving Creative Force full of quickening, joyful, all-embracing power.  


This retreat offers energy-infused, Light-Coded messages channeled specifically for each person, also revelatory wisdom for the group. There will be Heart and Core Activations designed to shift you palpably and anchor deeply into you. Come away with a new inner Purity and Courage to embrace your Spiritual Mastery.


Weaving your New Path Forward  

September 6-8, 2024 


Looking for....

     * A fresh start?

     * What you're truly meant to be or do - your True Essence?

     * What spiritual quality is meant to come through you?

In this personal development retreat, discover what’s emerging afresh for you this year. Along with all humanity, you continue to be called to shed the old paradigm, layer after layer….and to step deeper into your Truest Self….beyond the edge of all that is familiar. Each person is being invited to embody Heaven on Earth, Paradise and Purity…it’s the new paradigm. 


During the weekend, fresh “New Earth" energies will be brought to you and gently offered to your heart. These come from various pure and conscious civilizations and planets, and from Source, to anchor you into your New Self.


Through journeys, meditations, channeled messages, open discussion, helpful practices and energy activations, you will be shepherded gently forward onto an advanced path that will be literally woven through and before you. It will illuminate the New You in the New Earth. Because we will explore specific ways to integrate your Emerging Self back home, it will all be there for you to tap into, going forward.  

“Sarah, your work carries a powerful, loving energy that goes right to the heart of things.

It brings tears to my eyes. This is what we all need…. this level of energy, hope, love and support….and knowing that all is going as it should.

That the New Earth is here, and we are a key part of it.”  (Susana, CO)


Sarah Root is an energetic Catalyst for Personal Awakening and Planetary Healing.

Her passion is helping you find your own light so you can shine radiantly in your life. Sarah carries higher-dimensional coded Light that activates the heart and soul, shifting people into expanded capacities as the New Human. Deeply trained as intuitive, spiritual coach and energy healer, Sarah is also the founder of many unique energy activations.

It is her joy to help you lift your consciousness and find your soul path!  

~ Sarah is known for “creating amazing shifts” and “holding a high clarity of insight and wisdom” ~

About Your Stay at the Spiritual Center near Windsor, NY. 

The Center is built on sacred land in the peaceful Susquehanna River Valley, and features many charming cottages, inspiring galleries and meeting spaces. It is located at 712 State Rte 79, Windsor, NY  13865, with phone 607-655-2264.


Retreats at the Spiritual Center run from Friday late afternoon through Sunday lunch. Accommodations include either individual rooms in a larger cottage or separate small 2-person cottages. The group would be no larger than 8 women. Delicious meals accommodate vegans and vegetarians with advance notice. 


During your retreat there is plenty of time to enjoy nature, the in-ground pool or hikes nearby. Optional Healing Sessions may be available. There are two spaces at the Center filled with inspirational sacred art created by Sister Paula Matthew. 

Book a Retreat ~ Come away Inspired and All New

  • Step 1 Contact Sarah to get your name on the list as early as possible.

  • Step 2 – To Officially Register and reserve your spot, pay your $100 deposit to the Spiritual Center. Send a check, payable to The Spiritual Center, to Sister Liz Newell at:  Spiritual Center, 712 State Rt 79, Windsor NY 13865.

  • Fee* - $475, with $100 up front and the remainder payable at the retreat.

  • *Scholarships – several partial ones are available!   Contact Sarah.

  • A Covid vaccination is not required for attendance, however it is strongly recommended that you take a home test the day you arrive so you know you are negative. If you cannot attend at the last minute due to health concerns, your deposit will be refunded. 

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