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All New, All New!

Welcome to an entirely new chapter of your life. It's time to embrace being different than you were; to allow yourself to change and shift. This is a fabulous time on the planet to focus on who wants to emerge within you. Who is ready to rise up.

If you find yourself struggling with things in life, I get it. I go through those periods too. We have to dip down into what isn't working, so we can see it freshly....and the blessing of this particular time is that there is a LOT of new perspective and awareness floating around! So be assured that as you look at your challenges, and let yourself allow them for a moment, you will have insights. And things will change.

Energies are schedule to be intense this year. Big highs, big lows, for us personally. The lows aren't depression or failure though....just a dip into a lower frequency for a little bit. Just rest into them; rest the body; rest the mind; let there be spaciousness. You're always on the right track and your transformation into the New You is inevitable. :)

Also new...... There are several new features of my Radiant Alignment work coming your way :

* One is podcasts that are designed to give you "New Earth ways of living" - ways of staying deeply bonded with nature, and relating to all life differently, in your daily walkabout. They are adventuresome, fun tales told as we journey together into the actual New Earth, a healthy peaceful potential version of our world. Visit

* Another is profoudly illuminating conversations (Clear Light Sessions) to help you upshift around any topic or issue, by placing you profoundly in your own Presence. Receive the touch of Christ Light and energies of your truest self. Visit

Are you ready to step into your Emerging Self? I'd love to help you. Perhaps start with a Soul Reading to realign yourself and get clear on how you're moving forward. Get some new juice!

May your journey forward be blessed and sweetened by the many new frequencies on the planet. May you begin to :)

With great love and bright blessings,


PS. Please share my offerings with your friends and family. This work serves everyone.


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