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How Ascension Activations Work

How do Ascension Activations work? Everything is made of energy and vibrates at a certain frequency or rate. Energy Empowerments are designed to flood your system with specific higher energies that raise your vibrational frequency. Quantum Physics tells us that lower energies automatically rise toward the level of higher ones. Thus, when you hold a higher frequency, many unwanted life patterns, maladies and beliefs, will be encouraged to shift or release….broadening your perspective.

Can these Transmissions be used in an ongoing way, or is it a one-time “high”? Like computer upgrades, the effects of Soul Empowerments are ongoing.  The effects will ripple out into your life. The experience will be very strong when you receive it initially, and by re-activating it daily for a few weeks and using the mp3 guided meditations and practices, you can integrate it fully.

To get the most out of the Activations, we recommend that you…

  • Receive all Activation in a given series, in sequence. (A single Activation is a partial upgrade, which may serve you if you have a specific need such as deep grounding, or activating your axiatonal meridians.)

  • Re-activate the transmission daily for several weeks. This is how to anchor it firmly into your energy system for lasting change and permanent access in daily life.


Who are Ascension Activations for?  Anyone can benefit, including new seekers and those seasoned on the path: all of humanity is evolving rapidly right now! The attunements automatically take you to the next step, wherever you are on the journey. Each person receives exactly what s/he is ready to receive next. Follow your intuition about which Empowerments are calling to you.

Do I really need to do the whole series? If you want a full upgrade, yes. It’s just like with a computer upgrade; you want each of your software programs (analogous to multiple aspects of your energy system and consciousness) to be modified together, so they can all function better together; and a full upgrade takes a little time and effort to complete. The Soul Empowerments were designed by Spirit to gently, incrementally expand you. Single Activations can be great too - try one and decide for yourself how to proceed.

What is the origin of the Ascension Activations? They were founded by Sarah Root, channeled through Archangel Metatron and the Councils of Light, from Source. Sarah is a clear channel who naturally carries higher dimensional energies; she functions like a portal to a higher realm. The Ascension Activations are highly refined Source energies carrying Light Codes (especially Gold, Diamond and Emerald) designed to foster your ascension into the New Earth. Read more about Sarah’s Lightwork.

What are people saying about these Activations?

  • "This is powerful work, work you take with you and can re-activate yourself whenever you need to/want to.  The Activations I've received, I do daily for myself in my spiritual practice and I find they have helped me maintain a higher vibration." (Francie, NY)

  • “You are propelled to live your best life, to be the change you want to see in the world - because these transmissions will very unmistakably change your paradigm - uncovering your Radiant Self!  Sarah is masterful at facilitating these transmissions in a way that [allows] one to unfold to one’s Awakening in the most perfect way.” (Bhakti, NY)

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