Testimonials ~ Sacred Mountain Soul Empowerments



The love that radiates out from me now has a Power behind it.  (EH)


Rocky Mountain Empowerment

I was just being a presence and a conduit, as the various energies came and went. (RLL)

In the Rocky Mountain Attunement, it felt like I was a battery for all the energy. (JM)

I was able to hold space, even in a difficult situation, after the Rocky Mountain Attunement. (JC)

Swiss Alps Empowerment

This transmission activated my intuitive, energetic connection with all of Nature in a huge, deep, broad way. (MB)

Andes Empowerment

This attunement took me to a place of power, on a very personal journey. I received some sort of download. (JM)

The whole following week, I had more energy than I have since I was in my 20’s! Huge vitality! (JM)

Himalayas Empowerment

The Himalaya Attunement charged me like a battery, and charged me with using that energy actively in life. (JM)

I became the Tree of Life, very solid, and I kept growing huge like a tree. I felt my respiration…. I felt so much like a tree! (JM)

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