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Soul Paths 

A Women's Spiritual Group

Are you ready to....

  • Move past where you're stuck?

  • Connect with your deeper, truer soul self?

  • Stay clear and steady on your path, in daily life?

                    Find your unique and brilliant self...and bring her forward!

Soul Liberation -lg.jpg

In Soul Paths, we gather in Sacred Circle to share our paths and listen deeply to each other. To connect strongly with our inner wisdom. To explore spiritual practices, meditations, and time in nature. To receive unique Activations of our Soul Selves to keep pace with the planetary upshifts.

The masterful exercises and explorations catalyze us to take charge of our energy and what we're creating from day to day. Together we expand our awareness so we can work skillfully with our thoughts and feelings. Individually, we awaken a powerful connection with our souls and with Source. And always, we create the clarity, depth and laugher we all need to make conscious change in our lives!

Come away each time feeling inspired...seeing your next steps in life clearly, and ready to live them fully.

Compared to other spiritual groups that might do meditation or hypnotherapy, experience a spiritual church service, or provide exposure to an array of spiritual development tools..... Soul Paths facilitates individual spiritual development with attention to your sharing and questions, all within a nurturing group setting. The facilitator freely shares the depth of her experience, knowledge and gifts regarding timely and helpful topics, each meeting.

Invaluable!!  (Anon.)

Coming here each month is what keeps me moving forward clearly and strongly. Thank you! (Anon.)

JOIN US!  Get on your Soul Path
  • Meets once a month at a home in Oneonta, NY area ~ come when you can

  • Contact Sarah for next date 

  • Fee:  $25

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