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Core Star Soul Activations

Activating the 5th & 6th Dimensional Soul Self 


Note: Because the Core Star Empowerments recalibrate you carefully, step by step, they should be received in sequential order for a complete upgrade.


Bringing powerful recalibration at the deepest levels, these Core Star Activations awaken magnificent new personal and spiritual powers. They shift you into your full power, joy and life force – your radiant potential where you can function with effortless grace and steadiness in daily life.

All humans are shifting from being purely in the 3rd dimension, to being able to shift between 3rd and 5th. The 3rd dimension is the physical and personality level, while the 5th dimension is the etheric, with strong connection to higher consciousness. The Core Star Soul Activations will speed your evolution with this shift into the multidimensional New Human.

Your strong new energy system will be installed and activated:

  • A 5th dimensional chakra system – seats your soul in the body, builds the light body

  • A 6th dimensional CoreStar Chakra – a deep, solid center of power, joy & I AM presence

  • The Hara Line – tube of light between Source & Earth, carrying soul purpose, deep calm


These Five CoreStar Activations enable entirely new mental, physical, spiritual and emotional qualities, helping you live powerfully from the Heart and Soul:

  • A sense of living at your full potential – graceful, joyful and powerful

  • Solid and steady - feeling balanced, clear and unflappable

  • Profound manifestation power

  • Able to radiate higher love with great ease

  • Clear connection with inner guidance so you live from the soul


What to expect. Expect healing on many levels. Results vary; you will receive what you most need, guided by your highest self. Healing and expansion unfolds over several weeks. To sustain your new expanded self, we recommend you re-activate it daily until it is immediately accessible using your intention. Enjoy!

Core Star Activation Testimonials

BOOK A SESSION  ~  Step into your 5th/6th Dimensional Soul Self

  • Individual Fee: $70, for each CoreStar Activation. Fee includes Reactivation mp3 and Informational Manual.

  • $15 DISCOUNT if you purchase the entire Series up front @ $335 ....for a FULL UPGRADE.

  • Offered in person or by distance. Either way is equally powerful.


Core Star Activation

  • Awakens your innate power, unique vibration, and access to soul guidance

  • Activates the 6th dimensional CoreStar Chakra

  • Brings you core strength, inner harmony and a sense of "it's safe to lighten up now”

  • Anchors you into Great Central Sun and Earth, bringing huge support and strength


Hara-Earth Activation

  • Brings deep grounding/balance so you feel settled, joyful, light, empowered & home

  • Activates the Hara and the Root, Foot, Earth Star and Dolphin Matrix Chakras

  • Brings the buoyant self-love and nourishment from the Dolphins

Seat of the Soul Activation

  • Deeply centers you in your soul purpose, so you know who you are and what you want

  • Empowers you to express greater love and oneness

  • Activates the Seat of the Soul (High Heart) and Throat Chakra to new levels


Hara Line Activation

  • Activates your Tube of Light, for great inner steadiness, calm and grace in daily life

  • Awakens Causal (Well of Dreams) Chakra and Soul Star Chakra

  • Empowers connection with the immense power of Great Central Sun

Sacred Flame Activation

  • Activates the full aura and higher transpersonal chakras

  • Makes you radiant - a generator of divine life force via Great Central Sun, thus directly helping humanity evolve

  • Blends and integrates all the Core Star energies into your entire energy field

  • Leaves you fully empowered, high-functioning, strong and clear and bright!

Core Star Activation Testimonials

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