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Sacred Mountain Soul Empowerments

Spiritual Strength, Purity and Life Force

Note: Because the Sacred Mountains adjust you carefully, step by step, they should be received in sequential order for a complete upgrade.


Join the four Great Mountain Ranges in sacred service to the planet… and raise your own frequency magnificently, in the process!

The function of the four Sacred Mountain Ranges of the world, is to receive and store cosmic Light coming to earth from Great Central Sun through our Sun. The Mountains transform and step down this extremely high vibration energy, then they pour it in streams outward to the rest of the planet. These streams of energy keep all of nature healthy, balanced, vitalized and purified. 


By attuning to the Sacred Mountains, you step into service along with them. You will help carry their tremendous Source energy (also called life force, divine love, or Light), and help activate and support the entire planet. It’s as if you will be plugged directly into the battery of the planet, able to run energies that assist with planetary healing and awakening. It is a great honor to be a conduit of divine Light and Love for the planet. Thank you for stepping up for this role!

You will be able to use this energy to…

  • Enhance your spiritual evolution, integrity, presence and power

  • “Pour it forward” ~ i.e. call on the Mountain Energies to radiate healing awareness, harmony and blessings to others and the planet

  • Experience a deep sacred connection to the very Heart of the Living Earth

  • Become a powerful, open, clear conduit between Earth and Sky


Because the Sacred Mountains receive and radiate energy like microwave towers, receiving and radiating energy, you will be physically activated as a sort of “tower” also. Each Mountain Range carries a different gift as you attune to it. Your central channel (shushumna; kundalini line) will be activated along with crown and higher chakras, so that you are a powerful pillar of light. Your heart center will expand as it surrenders into the streams of great life force. And by the end, your entire being will be opened as a Tree of Life sort of conduit between the Heavens and the Earth.... just as the Mountains are.

“I was just being a presence and a conduit”…. “Charged me like a battery”…

“It activated my intuitive, energetic connection with all of Nature in a huge, deep, broad way”…

"The love that radiates out from me now has a Power behind it.” 


What to expect. Expect healing on many levels. Results vary; you will receive what you most need, guided by your highest self. Healing and expansion unfolds over several weeks. To sustain your new expanded self, we recommend you re-activate it daily until it is immediately accessible using your intention. Enjoy!

Sacred Mountain Empowerment Testimonials


  • Each Soul Empowerment received Individually is $60. Fee includes Reactivation Mp3 and Informational Manual.

  • Offered in person or by distance. Either way is equally powerful.

  • Empowerments received in group Classes are $45 ~ see Current Empowerment Gatherings.

  • 15% DISCOUNT if you purchase the entire Series up front @ $204 (savings of $36)....for a FULL UPGRADE.

Deborah O'Connor -


The Rocky Mountain Empowerment

  • Prepares you as a conduit for all the Mountains’ supreme energies

  • Help you hold very high, potent vibrations

  • Enhances the radiance of your heart; your Light; your joy

The Swiss Alps Empowerment

  • Activates the axiatonal meridians that connect into the Cosmic Grid

  • Deepen into an inner stillpoint from which you feel connected to the All

  • Expands your heart capacity via the High Heart, to be of service to the planet


The Andes Empowerment

  • Activates your central channel (Kundalini energy) powerfully

  • Fosters greater vitality, fresh motivation and a deeper reverence for life ~ you are a Keeper of the Light

  • Become a portal to the Stars


The Himalaya Empowerment

  • Embed you within the body of Gaia, the living Earth

  • Activates the root chakra and anchors it at the core of the Earth ~ making you a complete conduit between the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Heavens

  • Completes you as a vessel of the highest Source life forces, which you hold and radiate outward

Current Empowerment Gatherings

Sacred Mountain Empowerment Testimonials

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