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Soul Workshops

Stepping forward as a New Human

Help foster peace, fulfillment and awakening for yourself, others and the planet. Step forward as a New Human on the New Earth: we’re designed to be connected with Source, offering our unique gifts, and spreading the Light. Being part of the solution!


Soul Workshops offer soul-based information and practices to... 

  • Serve the planet and all souls profoundly and directly

  • Awaken your soul, in powerful permanent connection with the Divine

  • Catalyze your spiritual evolution

  • llluminate and inspire your own helpful, hopeful role on the planet


 Contact Sarah  to see if she may travel to offer these in your area.

Sarah J. Root

SACRED WISDOM CIRCLE ~  Women Rekindling our Innate Magnificent, Spiritual Selves

Inspires and encourages women to step more into our natural sacredness, elegance and spiritual mastery. Access channeled energies and wise “core teachings” from the Pleiades and Lemuria. Begin to remember and embody specific, practical Sacred Feminine ways of engaging in everyday life….to seed women’s spiritual leadership on Earth. Ongoing gatherings online, with replays; join anytime.

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SOUL PATHS ~ Spiritual Support Group

Gather in a small supportive group to explore unique activations, soul techniques and inner journeys. Soul Paths can help you move past where you are stuck.... Connect with your deepest, truest soul self.... And stay clear and steady on your path. We meet monthly so the spiritual community can deepen over time. Bring your unique and brilliant self forward!

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EARTHKEEPER GATHERINGS ~ Help Awaken Yourself, Others and the Planet  

Learn ancient techniques for sending Divine Light outward from your soul. This work uplifts others and the whole Earth.... and helps you stay open, connected and radiant. Practiced by the Essenes before the time of Christ, this work has been reintroduced and revised to play a major role with the planetary shift. Anyone can transmit these easy, quick Light Blessings!   Ongoing classes; join anytime.

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