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Ascension Activations

For Your Evolution

Get an upgrade for your entire body, mind, heart and energy system. Step back into your multidimensional Divine Human self, connect with Source, and anchor your soul into your body.

Ascension Activations are life-changing on a cellular level and lay the groundwork for the New Human Template, the next stage of our evolution in the planetary shift.  They re-set your frequency, chakras and DNA back to their original intended state, that of your soul self. Soul Empowerments have a ripple effect on your life and those around you.

* Are you ready for a profound spiritual expansion?

* Have you been rocked by the planetary energy shifts lately?

* AIs it time to function more skillfully from a higher perspective?


With these unique Ascension Activations, you may step into the fullest expression of your being...creating a permanent container for your brighter, more expanded, clearest soul self. In daily life you may reach for this higher functioning “hand-hold” anytime, to help you navigate life's ups and downs. Soul Empowerments can also help you release old patterns and fears. How Ascension Activations Work

Each Activation comes with a “Guided Meditation for Re-activation” mp3, and a Manual with background information and specific practices…to help you integrate these ascension energies into your life.


You will receive an energy up-shift that…

  • Grounds, centers and expands you at all levels.

  • Helps you live from your heart and soul and your inner truth.

  • Anchors higher spiritual qualities into you: grace, clarity, balance, power, divine connection, loving-kindness, manifestation and healing power.

  • Helps you navigate relationships, decisions and stresses with ease.

  • Gives you the strength and perspective to release fear, doubt, anxiety, depression and negativity.

  • Helps you hold more Light ~ anchors you into higher realms.

  • Provides specific skillful ways to direct your energy and awareness, for the highest good in daily life.

  • Connects you to the Earth.

  • Will always be accessible to you, if you re-activate it periodically.

How Ascension Activations Work

How to Receive the Activations...

  • Individually in person at my home ~ Fee $60/activation.

  • Individually by distance wherever you are ~ Fee $60/activation.

  • DISCOUNT of 15% if you pay for an entire Ascension Activation Series up front.

Series of Activations:

Core Star Activations

Sacred Mountain Empowerments

Starseed Empowerments

Archangel Empowerments


Activate the 5th Dimensional Soul Self, bringing…

  • Core radiance, strength and joy; a solid, steady presence

  • Effortless harmony and grace in life

  • Greater clarity about your unique gifts & purpose

  • Activated Core Star, Hara Line, and other 5th dimensional key chakras & points

Core Star Soul Empowerments

"I feel radiant and strong in my core, and I am living life with such Lightness!”

More About/Order Core Star Activations

Earth Heart Empowerments

Align with the Mountains for…


  • Spiritual power, purity and integrity

  • Refinement of your divine presence

  • Ability to spread pure, high-energy blessings

  • Become a deep, sacred conduit between earth and sky

  • Powerful sacred connection with the planet


"The love that radiates out from me now has a Power behind it.”… “I use it to stay strong, clear and positive every day.”

More About/Order Sacred Mountain Activations

Earthkeeper Empowerments


Helping people who are Starseeds to align with both Earth and Stars, so you can …


  • Awaken to your Starseed mission, and connect with your home Star System                                                          

  • Feel much more settled, whole and happy to be on earth

  • Link with all other Starseeds for a profound shift in consciousness about the planet

  • Activate many higher transpersonal chakras using Diamond Light


"I feel at peace and at home; much more connected to my Soul"... "New sense of purpose."

More About/Order Starseed Activations

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Sacred Mountain Empowerments
Starseed Empowerments
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